Soliciting Publishers: Using SimilarWeb Review

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Similarweb Review – What is it?

Similarweb is a spectacular tool for publisher sales professionals to utilize to find out how relevant a website is on the internet and if it would be a good place to programmatically media buy on. SimilarWeb is a competitor of Alexa, a web information company and it provides data and analytically represents key trends in a visually stunning way. SimilarWeb is a trusted source for website research and recently has revamped the whole site layout and makes it fun and easy to see how popular any website in their database. Let’s take a look at the different measurable statistics SimilarWeb provides with as an example. Here is a basic Similarweb review of the website offerings.

Rank and Monthly Visits

Similarweb Review Webrank

The first and most important statistic SimilarWeb provides to researchers is an estimate of raw impression counts by month, global rank, rank in the United States and a category rank. This information gives media buyers a rough estimate of how much traffic flows to the website and if there may be a large opportunity to buy a portion of it. the Rank of 138 means that BuzzFeed is the 138th most popular top level URL in the United States at the time.

Similarweb review of traffic Sources data


SimilarWeb provides very accurate data on where the traffic on a website comes from. It is essential for a media buyer to understand where traffic is coming from because some sources of traffic are more valuable then others and convert on CPA campaigns at a much higher rate. You can deep dive to see exactly from which social network the traffic is generated from

  • Direct Traffic – Users enter the site by typing in the URL on their browser. They know the site brand and are repeat visitors
  • Referrals – A user is referred from another site back link.
  • Search- A user organically typed in a search term and it led to an article on the website.
  • Social- A user was referred from a social network such as FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Mail- A user came to the site because of a link in their mail.
  • Display – A user clicked an advertisement that led them to the website.

Similarweb review of Audience Interests


SimilarWeb has data on what audiences are generally found using a particular website. This is useful for advertisers who want to target users particular interests and purchasing habits. Historically, certain kinds of websites generate higher eCPM’s for media buyers therefore it is important to understand how each category performs in the grand scheme.

Overall based on this Similarweb review it is a great first-look tool that should you should always throw a website in to have a basic understanding of how much traffic the site has, where that traffic is coming from, it’s audience and their interests.