HootSuite Mobile Application Functions and Tools

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Hootsuite mobile

HootSuite Mobile is a powerful automation tool

HootSuite is an amazing social media automation tool primarily used for Facebook and twitter that allows a user to create and schedule tweets and posts in a seamless and effective fashion. Users are able to target specific audiences and test what times of the day generate the most retweets, likes and new followers

Scheduling Tweets and Posts on the Go

The social media world moves quickly and too often social media marketers and left in the dust if they are not able to acess their social media tools to consistently relay information over to their audience in a timely fashion. Hootsuite was smart enough to create a mobile application that works well and has been widely adopted by the community.

Hootsuite Mobile Streams:

The hootsuite mobile app allows a marketer to add a stream that can be clicked on and viewed. The example below shows scheduled and sent tweets being selected as a stream. When you click on a stream you can see the tweets you scheduled and the exact date and time they will be sent. A great combination is having scheduled and sent as a stream to see in real time how your tweets look to the public.

hootsuite mobile streamHootsuite Mobile Search

There is a search tool which is built into Twitter API and simply allows you to search just as you would on twitters website or app. This is a powerful discovery tool to understand the trending subjects and hashtags on twitter and schedule your tweets through hootsuite accordingly.

hootsuite mobile search

Hootsuite Mobile Settings

There is a standard settings button which allows you to toggle on and off push notifications, make specific rules for social networks, provide feedback to hootsuite, view open source liscenses, add it as a toolbar to safari and other preferances which can be adjusted.


hootsuite mobile settings

Hootsuite Mobile Contacts:

You can find your twitter/facebook contacts in hootsuite and send messages via the mobile app. This function is simple, easy to use and effective to send personal one on one communication

hootsuite mobile contactsHootSuite Mobile Stats

Hootsuite mobile gives you detailed statistics on how your twitter and facebook posts have performed and the app has the same functionality as the web browser version. You can select specific tweets and see performance metrics such as clicks per day.

hootsuite mobile stats

HootSuite Mobile App Rating: 9/10 – The hootsuite mobile app recieves a high score and seamlessly allows beginner and advanaced users to access their accounts, schedule posts, understand what is in the queue and analyze performance of the campaigns. From our analysis we did not see any bugs in the app and has the user in mind in the design.

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