Top Reasons to Work in Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing is emerging to be one of the top growth industries in recent history. With Mobile, Display, Programmatic, Affiliate, Toolbar and Online Branding all on the rise, there are several top reasons to work in digital marketing.

Top four reasons to work in digital marketing

It’s a Growth Industry.

Online advertising spend was 10 billion last year and will exponentially increase in the coming years. Why is this? It’s efficient, effective, practical and traceable. Marketers like to see tangible results and online advertising delivers on that. Digital Marketers can target each impression for an advertiser thanks to advancements in Real Time Bidding Technology. There is much promise with the growth of Mobile and TV becoming internet based in the upcoming years.

top reasons to work in digital marketing growth

It’s a Fun Industry

The Online Advertising industry is full of a wide spectrum of people. There are internet gurus, seasoned veterans of all kinds of media, young guns, and generally individuals from all walks of life. It’s a globalized industry that involves people from all over at its core which attracts talent from different disciplines. It’s an industry that is about wining and dining clients, keeping friendly contact with publishers and advertisers and most importantly, building relationships.

Promotions can  come quick to valuable employees

 If you are working for a small to medium sized online advertising company of any sort there is a good chance that there is a large opportunity to grow with the company and advance your career. Some ad networks see tremendous growth if they leverage technology correctly, are innovative and have the right people in the right positions. Companies build out their divisions quickly to stay competitive and if you are the Lebron James of your group, expect to move up.

To work in Digital marketing is to work in a 24/7 ecosystem

 If you are a tireless worker who is always looking to optimize and prove yourself, this is the right industry to do so. There is an endless amount of Data about your publishers, advertiser and their respective ad campaigns on whatever platform you are using weather it be DoubleClick, Right Media exchange or Appnexus. You will be immersed in data every day and become a well oiled machine that can spot what publishers and advertisers need to be successful. Money never sleeps in digital marketing.

If your serious about joining the industry, read up on the latest digital marketing news.

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