6 Digital Marketing Tactics to Try When Reaching B2B Clients

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Reaching B2B clients that will be interested in your product or service can be challenging. Due to the high amount of competition in every industry, it can be difficult to widen your reach and gain more clients.

Thanks to the internet, B2B companies have a large range of online marketing tools to promote various products and services. Digital marketing isn’t just for consumer goods and can work on any budget, making digital marketing an ideal promotional strategy for its ease of execution and affordability-priced options. Here are the top six digital marketing tactics to reach B2B clients.

1- Social Media

B2B marketing tends to forget about social media and relinquish it to D2C instead. However, everyone regardless of industry is on social media. Even if B2B decision-makers are using social media for personal use, you can target them in your B2B outreach as well. Take advantage of the fact that social media isn’t widely used in B2B marketing to help your campaigns stand out from the crowd.

2- Quote Form

People want fast answers, especially if they are running a business. Capture B2B leads through an online quote form so they can easily submit an inquiry to your website. This is an easy and effective way to garner interest without the pressure of a phone call or the disorganization of going back and forth over email with a prospective client. Make sure that your online inquiry form asks the necessary questions so that you can give an accurate response or quote.

3- Email Marketing

Whether it’s commercial insurance or promotional products, email marketing is an easy way to get in front of potential B2B clients on a daily basis and can be an overlooked digital marketing strategy. Contrary to popular belief, email isn’t dead, and most working professionals check their email inboxes multiple times per day. Sending an email newsletter consistently keeps your business top-of-mind so that when a B2B prospect needs your product or service, they will remember you right away.

4- Webinars

If you sell products and services that can be more challenging to communicate to prospective B2B clients, hosting an online webinar is the perfect solution. A webinar can be live on a certain date and time, or it can be a recording. It’s common for webinars to include a slide presentation or on-screen demo so that you can walk through the features and benefits of your offer in video format, making it easier to understand.

5- Website Optimization

B2B websites don’t have to be plain and boring. Optimize your company website to make it aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and filled with information that prospective clients may need. Make sure to include information about all the products and services you offer, the history of the company, and multiple ways to contact you including via online form, phone, email, or live chat.

6- Online Advertising

If you need to gain prospective B2B clients as quickly as possible, online advertising is a digital marketing tactic that can be easily implemented. Online advertising lets you control how much you want to spend so that you stay on budget, and it’s highly targeted to your set audience parameters so that you’re reaching the best prospects.

No matter what B2B product or service you sell, use digital marketing to broaden your reach and gain more clients through simple yet effective tools. Prospective customers want to grow their own businesses and are always on the lookout for B2B offerings that can help them. Use digital marketing to your advantage to reach these new B2B clients.