Helping Students Connect the Transfer Path

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An easy transfer process is essential to getting as many community college students to complete their bachelor degrees as possible. Many students choose to go to community college for their associates degree and then transfer to a university for their bachelors because there is a significant cost reduction. However, making the switch from community college to university can be difficult, so supporting these students in their transfer needs to be the number one priority. 

One of the best ways to support transfer students is by giving them proper advising resources. Students who meet with transfer advisors are able to chart, continue, and complete their path to a bachelor’s degree. This can also help overcome strong informational barriers and make students feel more confident in their own abilities to excel when transferring to universities. 

Transfer success is also an equity issue, meaning Black and Hispanic students as well as students from low income families need to be given the same opportunities as White or higher income students. Early momentum milestones help all students with additional benefits for Black and Hispanic students, so access to things like college-level gateway courses, advising, and financial aid is critical. 

The path from community college to university can be daunting to students. Giving them the support they need to succeed will ensure that more students are able to complete their bachelor’s degrees and open up endless opportunities for their futures.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative