How Supporting Basic Needs Leads to Student Success

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These days there are great numbers of students across the nation who have a hard time meeting their basic, everyday needs. This includes healthcare, housing security, food security, and transportation among others. Basic needs insecurity can jeopardize students’ success as they are more likely to fail or drop a class, causing them to not graduate. 

College challenges such as getting enough funding, rising tuition rates, and lack of financial resources contribute to students’ struggle. Grants, scholarships, and estimated family contributions rarely cover the full cost of attending college, so many students have to find work while attending classes. Students like these are constantly worried about having enough money to pay for school and possibly dropping out if they lack finances. 

Students with low income can lead a better life if they attain a college degree, but many drop out of college due to barriers only they face. One big barrier is access to available support. Some might know that support exists but have not used them while others don’t know such campus support exists. However, those who are able to receive emergency aid are able to increase their chances of graduating and paying for their everyday needs. 

As such, helping students receive a degree and improve their lives involves working to get rid of these non academic and academic barriers as well as increasing access to basic needs support.

Supporting Student Basic Needs
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative