Most important to-dos for White Hat SEO

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White Hat SEO is regarded to be the best form of SEO due to its self-ensuring nature. It has no strings attached to it and brings no risks. Commonly you will hear about three kinds of SEO in terms of ethics.

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO

Why is White Hat SEO important?

In short, White Hat SEO is a method of search optimization that follows all the rules and guidelines of any given search engine. The policies may change with the search engine, and each search engine will usually have its own sets of rules. On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is breaking the guidelines of a search engine and using fishy tactics to get to the end goal. Unless you are hacking, these search engines can’t take any legal actions against you; however, you can be punished within the system for breaking the rules.

Your site may rank lower, and your SERPs might be affected. Google employs strict SEO guidelines, and if you are breaking the rules to have things your way, you will likely be caught and end up in dire circumstances. Back Hat SEO may sometimes work in the short term, but they end up being useless and sometimes a liability in the long run. So much so that these tactics can get your business downhill if it relies mainly on the online platform.

Grey Hat SEO tactics fall in between White and Black Hat SEO. It is neither ethical nor unethical, but we recommend using this one with caution. By and all, White Hat SEO is the ideal long-term route for proper SEO implementation. Since Google’s algorithm is ever-changing and the frequency is getting higher and higher, any nasty tricks that you may have up your sleeves will indeed be caught sooner and later.

Important to-dos for White Hat SEO

Content Quality: Gone are the days when writing content for the search engine crawler would bring the best results. For the better, now you get rewarded for writing content for the readers. Valuable information to the readers is the most critical element of the present-day SEO implementation. Write good content, and the search engines will most definitely reward you. Quality troops all. It also helps that you make your content concise and to point instead of beating around the bush.

Fast Load times

Fast website load time is important because sites that are responsive do not frustrate users. Much like mobile-optimized sites, these fast-loading sites do not bounce users. If a site has a fast-loading speed, it is a good signal that it ranks high in SEO rankings. Any site that has a lower load speed will rank lower in the SERPs. It can be due to large image files, bad coding, and a plethora of different reasons.

Authoritative inbound Links

One of the most crucial elements in SEO is authoritative inbound links that are gained organically. Compared to the ones that are achieved through paying. Once you are able to attain authoritative inbound links, it has a significant impact on your rank in SERPs. Attaining organic ones, however, is complex and requires a lot of dedication.

Keywords Relevant to Content

It is crucial to have relevant keywords to your content that also rank high in the SEO ranking. Know what keywords to use and how to use them. It’s often better to only stick to one main keyword and have two or three secondary keywords.

Keyword Rich Metadata

It’s also important that you utilize keyword-rich page titles and metadata. This one specifically often goes overlooked and is also underestimated.

Lean code

Semantically structured lean code markup language that includes the utilization of rich keywords and headings and title elements on a page or blog will aid search engines to find what a searcher is looking for. This helps with SERPs.

If you are a business owner, it’s important to find an SEO agency that utilities White Hat SEO and continually collaborates with you. The algorithm changes every few weeks to months, and you must keep up with the changes. SEO is a continuous process and requires frequent SEO maintenance in a sense. As a second option, you can choose White Label SEO resellers but finding an SEO agency should be the main priority.

It’s also important to know the difference between a Reseller SEO and a White Label SEO.

What is White Label SEO?

First of all, it’s not exactly related to white hat SEO. A white label SEO is technically a digital marketing solution that allows an agency to sell organic SEO services to clients without requiring them to learn SEO services themselves. If you do White label SEO, you basically don’t have to do any work, and you act as an intermediary and get a margin.

What is Reseller SEO?

Reseller SEO is a different type of solution. In this one, you get to select the core sets of SEO actions that will be executed for a client. You then get to buy that package from a reseller and deliver that to your client.


Most of the top SEO agencies use White hat SEO, and it’s rarely an issue in that case. However, if you are working with a lesser experienced team or agency, it is vital that you ask the right questions and course-correct when necessary. The ideal route would be to consult a good SEO agency.