8 Ways to Get Backlinks From The UK

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8 Ways to Get Backlinks From The UK

If you want to get your website noticed by search engines, you should keep in mind many SEO conditions. There are factors of keywords, design, proper titles and descriptions, and backlinks. Today, we cover the aspect of backlinks. What is that?

Backlinks are the reference links to other sites, pages, or directories. To get your ranking high, you need other websites to make links to your content. This way, search engines know that others appreciate your content, and therefore, your work is worthy of being promoted.

And how to get those links? What if you need to get backlinks from, well, the United Kingdom? Is it possible? 

Everything is possible if you know what to do. We made a list of eight ways to get backlinks from the United Kingdom (but you can apply those to other countries, as well). Welcome to the arcane arts of backlink building!

Make Backlinks by Yourself

If you need backlinks, why won’t you make them? It is, probably, the most straightforward way to get your ranking better – you take matters into your hands, building backlinks to your content. Although it might not be the fastest or easiest method, you do not need help nor extra means to pull it off. All you need is some motivation and time, and you can start doing it right away.

The process is simple: you visit popular British websites and leave links to your content in the comment section or forum. Obviously, other people will think of those links as spam unless you persuade them that it is not so.

Sharing your thoughts, leaving pieces of advice, making valid points about some topic, etc. – you should showcase your expertise in something, convincing people that those links can lead them to great content. If you are a provider of services or products, you need to find relevant websites where people might require your goods or professional help. 

Make Your Content Shine

Being a provider of valuable and necessary information, things, services, or something else, you increase your chances of getting backlinks. Yes, you might need to get others’ attention first to prove your worth. But if your website content has something special to offer, people will come to visit it.

Then, they will share your work with others, and those will visit your website, and they will share it with others, and so on. It is a matter of time, then, when other websites will start making backlinks for you. To get links directly from the UK, you might want to make your content somehow relevant for the Isles and one of the best ways to do this is to outsource content creation. 

Help Mending Broken Links

Do not be frightened off by the verb ‘mend’ here, as technically, you will not be repairing anything per se. Broken links are those irritative ‘error 404’ and other errors out there you get instead of the necessary content sometimes.

The thing is: all those errors do not look good for your website according to the search engines. However, mistakes happen, and no website has absolute safeguards against broken links. 

You can help websites from the UK find those links, though. You might stumble across those links randomly, or you can look for them deliberately. When you find those dead links, give notice to their owners. Voilà! You have earned someone’s gratitude. It is a step towards cooperation and backlinks to your site.

Cooperation with Websites

The other method is building your network of backlink allies from England. You create backlinks for their content, and they do the same for yours. You definitely will find someone with the need for extra backlinks – after all, any website needs those links to prosper. 

Find sites with content that is somehow related to yours, then your referencing of their webpages will not be out of place for your content. Also, the broken link method from above might be of use here, too. You help them at first, win their trust, and then you will develop advantageous cooperation. 

Cooperation with Influencers and Media People

We continue our list with yet another type of cooperation – with people of media. It is not a big secret how much influence an Instagram blogger or YouTube creator can have.

They are the new types of celebrities, and you can use that to your benefit. Find prospective influencers from the UK that might be interested in your content and ask them about potential cooperation. You mention them, and they tell their audience to ‘swipe up’ and go to your page. 

Besides, if your content can be of help to reporters and researchers, reach out to them. They often need reference material and sources to quote to make their work look better and more substantial. How to find reporters in need? For that, you better check the HARO tool or consider a HARO link building service.

Try Guest Blogging

The plan is simple:

  • You write an article or a blog post for another website from the UK;
  • Everyone reads it and loves it;
  • You get a chance to promote your other content.

You might leave backlinks in that post to your other work.

Skyscraper Backlinking

‘Skyscraper’ method sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? All other titles were quite self-explanatory, but not this one. So, what is it? There are webpages with many-many links to other sites or articles. Let’s say that you have written a better article than the one mentioned on that page. If you reach out to that page with an offer to use your work instead of the old one, you will be using the skyscraper technique. In other words, you substitute the content of others with yours. 

Rent Backlinks from The UK

If you do not want to mess with things around and spend your precious time on extra work, you might be interested in the professionals that can help you out. It is possible to rent backlinks from the UK that will bring you high traffic and new clients. Sounds good? Get a free demo from a trustworthy link building company in the UK on Adsy UK.


There are quite a few ways to choose between, so take your time and use those you find the most promising. Meanwhile, we recommend checking different blogs that are the places for people interested in learning more about SEO.