How Augmented Reality Apps Can Help People Recover During the Pandemic

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The Covid pandemic has changed lives in so many ways. Gone are the days of safely congregating in social places. Homeworking and learning have become the order of the day. Fortunately, technologies like augmented reality (AR) are there to make our lives so much simpler. All you need is the right app and a smart device, and you are good to go. Read on for some apps to consider during this pandemic period. 

The Covid 19 pandemic woke people up to a new reality. The things we take for granted every single day were no longer available. Lockdowns and social distancing orders made it impossible to continue life as usual. Schools and businesses had to shut down for a while. Remote works and schooling became the order of the day. Unfortunately, with the new infection waves, social distancing will need to remain.    

For many people, adjusting to the new life was quite difficult. However, living in the 21st century exposes us to new technologies that can help make life simpler. Augmented reality is one such technology; it has managed to transform the business and social environment. By superimposing and integrating digital information into the physical environment, users get so many benefits. 

 Our article will explore how augmented reality apps can help people recover during the pandemic. 

Augmented Reality Apps to Help In Pandemic Recovery

The beauty of technology is that it is ever-evolving. From smart devices, everyone has access to augmented reality.  Users can experience the virtual world without feeling like they have left the physical one. Using the right apps, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a virtual environment. 

 The benefits are plentiful for both adults and kids during this pandemic period. Let’s look at some apps you may want to consider installing today. You should also read reviews and tips on AR and VR devices for more information.  

Remote Work App

1. Jigspace 

We use video tutorials or photographs to better understand products. You could also be trying to explain how different things work to students or learners.  

However, there is a limit to how much information you can get. But, it helps if you have a better visualization for the different components. Jigspace uses 3D animated graphics and text to bring different scenarios to life.   

Let’s say you are searching for information on how to use a keyboard. JIgspace will superimpose a keyboard on a flat surface. Use different functionalities like zooming or rotating to view the device from whatever angle you choose.  

You can also create 3D product presentations.  It is easy to use and requires no coding or technical knowledge. It is a fantastic app that allows users to experience different things without too many frills.  

And now, the latest update is a Jigspace workshop that allows users to create their Jigs in the app.   

You have the option of free and paid subscriptions with a free trial. If you go for the latter, it will cost you approximately $49 per month. You can also ask for customized pricing with the Enterprise plan.  

Educational Apps 

If there was ever a time to really appreciate the tough job teachers do. Parents had to take on the arduous task of homeschooling.  Augmented reality can bring back the fun into education.  The use of storytelling, annotations, and visualizations have a significant role to play.  

So, which are some of these apps?  

2. Civilizations AR from BBC 

It is one thing to talk about history while trying to create pictures in your mind. The Civilizations AR app from the BBC allows you to get an actual historical experience.  

Fancy a trip to Egypt to see the mummies up close? How about a trip back to 907 AD to pose next to the Tang Dynasty horse. You will love the fact that you can visit different countries and interact with specific artifacts.   

You can zoom in or spin to explore different things. With the app, you become a global explorer right from the comfort of your living room. You can download this for free. 

3. Big Bang AR 

The story of how the universe came to be is always an interesting topic. It generates a lot of curiosity from students and adults alike. Well, the Big Bang AR App will help demystify the whole thing. It takes you on an amazing journey going back 13.8 billion years. Best of all, the kids can also take part in the creation process.  

Create particles and atoms using the interactive elements. Get a front-row seat to the supernova formation and explosion of stars. The developers paid a lot of attention to the visual and audio elements for a fantastic user experience. The app is free to download.  

Remote Work

AR apps that can help with remote working are fantastic. Imagine not needing to send technicians to the field without compromising job completion. 

4. Vuforia Chalk

You have the reputation of being the tech expert amongst your family and friends. They will call you up every time a piece of equipment is not working. We all know how difficult it can be to explain things over the phone.  

Well, struggle no more with the Vuforia Chalk app. Your mum is calling to ask how to switch on her latest appliance? Simple, take advantage of the audio and live video to show her how to do it. Use the annotation features to share real-time instructions and comments.  

The potential of the app in the work environment is enormous. It can help cut down on costs of sending field technicians to different locations to handle some tasks. Vuforia Chalk is free. 

Interior Decor and Design

The pandemic has provided people the opportunity to explore talents that may have been lying dormant. It has also been an opportunity to perfect specific crafts. Augmented reality makes the whole process more engaging and realistic. We especially love the following two apps.

5. IKEA Place  

If you like to dabble in a little Interior design, this is the app for you. IKEA Place allows you to move furniture around a specific space. You get access to different IKEA furniture to see how different pieces can come together for that perfect interior look you want.  

It uses true-to-scale 3D models to ensure the full AR experience. What makes it ideal is you can save a lot of time if you are shopping for furniture. The IKEA Place app is free.

6. Houzz 

Do you enjoy remodeling or designing homes? If yes, you will love Houzz. The 3D View in My Room tools is available on the ARKit toolset. It enhances the experience by availing more design details.   

You also get access to millions of products from the app library. Now here is the exciting part. The products do not only exist in the virtual space. If something catches your fancy, you can buy it directly from the app. You don’t need to leave the safety of your home to go to the brick-and-mortar establishments.  

Health and Safety 

Health and safety is a key concern for most people. However, during the pandemic going to the gym was, and still, continues not to be an option. Exploring the outdoors is a fantastic way to get in some exercise while maintaining social distancing.  


Are you a fitness enthusiast who enjoys outdoor sports? Fitness AR allows for integration with the social networking app, Strava. 

Users can access 3D visualizations for different terrains. Such include bike and running routes from multiple angles. 

The building option has the zoom option for closer looks at potential courses. You can also create videos and either store or share them with other fitness enthusiasts. The Fitness AR app will cost you $2.99.

Vehicle Purchasing 

Like so many others, the automobile industry has had to embrace online platforms to push its products. Augmented reality apps provide an ideal way for them to showcase their cars. Users can even test drive the vehicles without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

8. Porsche AR Visualizer 

Car enthusiasts will go gaga over this AR app. How many of us have access to brand new Porsches? Other than watching test drives on screen, we can only hope to bump into one somewhere.  

But, the Porsche AR Visualizer allows you to experience the car virtually. Check out the luxury Cayenne, classic 911 model, or even the Hybrid E-performance models. See the car from all angles by spinning it around. 

Don’t like the car color or look of the wheels? Well, you can customize the aspects as you wish. Rev the engine, pop the trunk open and even turn on the lights. And, of course, use the driving mode to test drive the car. The app is free.   

Final Thoughts

Health and safety are key concerns for everyone during this pandemic period. Augmented reality provides so many benefits in different fields like education and work.  

The advantage of AR technology is you do not need any specialized equipment. With a smartphone and the right app, you can access the functionalities you need. Many of the apps we have shared are free, so you don’t have to worry about the cost. Bring back fun to learning and work with Augmented Reality.