What is Digital Marketing Strategy: Are You On Trend?

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What is Digital Marketing Strategy: Are You On Trend?

In 2021, over two billion digital customers are expected to purchase goods worldwide. For a new business just starting out, those worldwide customers should be your prime market.  One way to reach this potential customer base is to use a digital marketing strategy that promotes your business online.

Are you asking yourself “what is digital marketing strategy?”  If you are, then this article is for you. You can find out more here on what a digital marketing strategy is all about. Then you’ll be able to reach these customers worldwide.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy All About?

Digital marketing refers to using digital media on the internet to promote your services or products.

Today’s most popular online marketing channels include using search engines, email, or social media, to connect with a future buyer. Digital marketing can be used to promote a non-profit organization as well as a commercial business enterprise.

Your strategy to influence your clients and customers should include targeting online devices (i.e., personal computers, mobile phones.)  Digital marketing also leverages social media (i.e., Instagram, Facebook) to deliver messaging to a potential buyer.

Digital marketing centers around a company website that promotes products or services. Customized website designs can reflect the theme and style you want for your business. 

Pay close attention to the content and design of your website so that you can increase your target audience’s interaction with your products.

Why Digital Marketing a Good Idea

 The main reason why digital marketing is a good idea is that your competitors are using it too.  More than 80 percent of small businesses use digital marketing to promote their services or goods.

Small businesses know that using a digital marketing strategy can help reach more customers for fewer costs than any traditional marketing campaign.

There are a variety of online analytic tools that can help you monitor just how well your marketing promotion performs.   These analytics will help you create a strategy to identify your target customers and ultimately reach them. 

When you know who your audience is, then these tools will help you to follow them through the life of the buying process. 

What Will Digital Marketing Do for Your Business?

Once you’ve mastered the concepts of what digital marketing is all about, there’s no limit on what your company can achieve!  Here are some benefits of what a digital marketing campaign can do for you:

Creates Your Brand Identity

Brand identity refers to how quickly your target customer base recognizes your services or products. Your identity or brand is a persona that conveys what your business is all about. 

Digital marketing will help you promote that message and collect feedback so that a customer will learn how to trust your products. 

Maintains Your Customer Base

Digital marketing can help you secure loyal customers that will always return for more.  This customer base won’t be interested in searching for your competitors if you continually update them on your products. 

Once they recognize and trust your name, they’ll be sure to buy from you over and over again.

Effective Marketing Trends for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re wondering what the key marketing trends are in the future, just read keep reading.  Now is the time to predict what will attract your company’s new audience and ultimately fuel your long-term strategy


Live streaming is a technology that lets viewers watch videos in real-time. Viewers only need an internet-enabled device to watch shows or other messaging in real-time.

Live-streams create a level of trust and leverage those “in-the-moment” connections that leave customers feeling like they are informed on your company’s next step.

Visual and Voice Searches

More and more consumers are turning to voice-activated search tools such as Alexa to help them with their online searches.

Voice searching is an easy way for consumers to send texts, get directions or search for other online information.  Marketing trends estimate that roughly 60 million adults in the US own one of these voice-activated tools.

Businesses are also optimizing their websites to promote enhanced visual searches as well.  Visual search technology uses machine learning and AI to identify an object’s size, shape and color the same way a human’s brain does. 

Visual searches require companies to use more sitemaps or other image formats to accommodate consumers. Accessibility that addresses these two conveniences will enhance your digital marketing channels.   

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing in which a business rewards another company that refers a visitor or customer to their site.  Affiliate marketing is a good will effort where you can offer another company incentives to help you promote your products.

So the next time someone asks you “is affiliate marketing dead?” the answer is no.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content (UGC) is content such as text, images, or videos, posted by users on another form of social media.  UGC is popular because it’s uplifting and allows brands to study what causes are important to their audience.

Consumers want an enjoyable experience with brands that are memorable and easy. They want proof that what they are buying is the right choice before they pay for it and want to be reassured it was the right decision all along.

Understandable Content

Online traffic appreciates easy-to-understand content to guide their buying decisions.  This content might include a newsletter that lands in their inbox or an interesting podcast that describes your product’s benefits.

Convenient newsletters or podcasts helps connect a customer with your industry when you provide the relevant information that helps them throughout their busy schedules.

What Are Your Next Steps?

If you’re just starting up a new company, your next few steps should be to pinpoint what is the best digital media strategy that you can use to launch your new campaigns.

Consider implementing live streaming opportunities such as online workshops to connect with your buyers.  Enhance your website’s image alt-text and sitemap capabilities for more realistic imaging.

If you have other questions about what is digital marketing strategy all about, don’t forget to check out our website. We think you’ll find plenty of how-to tips and other inspiration to take your business venture to the next level.