How to Hire the Right Development Team? (Some Important Tips)

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How to Hire the Right Development Team? (Some Important Tips)

Hiring a development team of experts isn’t a much difficult process yet challenging one. When you set up your mind to create an application for your team, you start searching for a team who land you a helping hand in establishing the website or any software for your business.

There is a pool of developer teams in different sources, in which hiring the best one takes time to filter out the most suitable team for your project after completing the hiring process. You can hire a team of developers offshore and onshore with the availability of different sources.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the various sources you can use to hire a dedicated team for software development.

Sources to find a team


Google is one of the best sources to find out the right software development team. You can use it in order to narrow down your keyword and to as trim as possible. Using clear-cut and obvious phrases will land you on the profile of the right development team. The more you focus on your keyword, the lower chances of redundancy within your keyword.

Freelance markets

Freelance markets are available with the advent of the tech era. You can use multiple freelance platforms to find the said team for your ongoing business. Some of the most renowned marketplaces are as follows:

  • Upwork. It’s the most saturated platform to ensure quality writers. Although it offers free connects yet better opportunities are available to paid ones with an abundance of paid connects.
  • Fiverr. There’re many teams that are also working there, but you can find more difficulty in finding the best team for your project.
  • Toptal. It’s an excellent platform when it comes to hiring the software development team. Although you have to pay an extra fee yet, you can get access to the most professional and pocket-friendly team for your business.

Community networks

Social networks are also helpful yet simple one by posting advertisements on social media platform as this may fetch you the right development team. Expanding your social circle on social media platforms may be helpful in strengthening the bond you can use to address your problem, whatever these are.  

Hiring procedure

Having discussed the different sources you can use to find out the best development team, here is a quick guide that makes it easier for you to proceed with the hiring process.

Initial interview

Once you have gotten the criterion you set for the job, it’s high-time to conduct an initial interview so that you may find the most suitable team between the many teams you have got. Consider the critical plans of your business that you’ll need to accomplish in the future.

Let them know the targets.

Set clear goals to make all the team aware so that they can meet the challenges coming in their way during the hiring process. You must reveal them before the teams in order to make them ready as per requirements.

Analyze the team

At this stage, you’ll have to critically analyze the plus points and negative points of each team individually. Choose the best team on the basis of a) soft skills b) problem-solving c) professionalism d) Hard skills e) experience.

Screening process

Here, the teams who follow the instructions and perform well by facing the challenges will be shortlisted. The screening test will get you the team you’ve been longing for.

Final interview

Conduct a final interview where you’ll interview the shortlisted team. No doubt, this the exact place you filter out the best team for your future projects. There’s much critical evaluation, and decision power is required so that you may choose the desired team as per your requirements.

Tips to follow after hiring the team of experts

Once you’re done with the selection of a team of experts, you need to follow some specific tips to ensure a long and healthy relationship between you and your team.

  • Manage the project in such a way that if you hired an offshore team, you might provide an environment they can work efficiently in, just like in-house teams.
  • Remove the communication barrier, making sure your hired team members can communicate in English. The cultural and social differences should be kept aside, yet everyone should respect each and every culture.
  • Trust building is as necessary as growing your business. It’s the most crucial yet constructive and destructive at the same time. To strengthen the trust bond, effective communication and mutual cooperation play a key role.


After setting up a business, there’s a dire need to hire a dedicated team that can fulfill your requirement and helps you to grow your business. Google, freelance markets places, and above all, social networks are the best available sources in this era of technology.

Moreover, you can organize interviews (initial & final), screening tests, and set goals to analyze the team during the hiring process. Effective communication helps you to build a trust bond and prove helpful as an extra guide after hiring the team.