Seven Guidelines for Describing Your Communication’s Purpose

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Follow these 7 Guidelines and Commnicate Effectively

  1. Create a mental movie of your reading in the act of reading
  2. Describe the task your communication will help your reader perform
  3. Describe the way you want your communication to alter your reader’s attitudes
  4. Describe your reader’s professional characteristics
  5. Global Guideline: Describe your reader’s cultural characteristics
  6. Guideline 6: Learn who all your readers will be
  7. Describe the context in which your reader will read
Seven Guidelines for Describing Your Communication’s Purpose

Last summer I was an Intern at an online advertising and global marketing company. Online advertising is a growth industry that is heavily based on who has the most efficient and effective advertising technology. It is important for Advertising companies to keep up to date on the latest headlines and regulations on online advertising technology.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau ( is a non-profit watchdog agency that enforces regulations and monitors the activity of online advertising companies.

Target Readers

Companies and individuals engaged in the online advertising industry. It is important for these companies to be up to date with the regulations, standards and news in the industry in order to stay competitive and engage in legal business practices. They have successfully targeted these readers because the IAB is the accepted industry standard for relevant information regarding online advertising.

Usability Objectives

Have a keen understanding of rules, regulations, and news in the online advertising industry readily available and easy to locate on the website. Instill trust into readers that the information regarding online advertising is accurate and concise.

The IAB should aim to be the premiere website for companies to access when they need quick and accurate information regarding the online advertising industry. They are successful at this because the IAB website is easy to use and find the information you are looking for. The search links are on appropriate tabs on the top of the home page which makes it easy for users to locate the section they are looking for.

Persuasive Objectives

The web developers have effectively created the brand “iab.” On the footer of a partner website, the brand logo with a hyperlink attached is located. Users then associate IAB to a successful online advertising company. also wants the readers to check out their social media pages. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.) They implemented the icons for these websites on the top of their page.

This is a smart implementation because social media is a prevailing trend right now and a standard for businesses to engage in. Users want to expand their social networks and it makes sense for the target audience to connect with the IAB.

Overall the IAB has successfully created an effective and appropriate website for their target audience of companies and individuals that are engaged in online advertising. They are the industry standard when it comes to rules, regulations and news in the industry which is mutually agreed upon by the community.

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