How To Make Beautiful Christmas Cards In Photoshop

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Now you can buy almost any card, but still there are moments when you stand in front of a large assortment and realize that nothing suits you.

A postcard, created by your own hands, instantly elevates you to the rank of a person who “remembers everything, takes care of everything personally.

Agree that it is always more pleasant to make a gift to a loved one or a loved one with your own hands than to download a ready-made template from the Internet.

No, we, of course, will not draw everything from scratch – something and we will need from the Internet like free mockup.

Such cards are exclusive and, if made with the soul, can leave (be sure to leave!) in the heart of the recipient a pleasant trace.

We will talk about creating documents for postcards, a little bit about layout, saving and printing, and what paper to choose.

The first step towards card production is to create a new document in Photoshop. The only thing you need to understand here is that the resolution of the document should be at least 300 pixels per inch. This resolution is necessary and sufficient for printing images.

Then we define the size of the future postcard. It is most convenient to convert units of measurement into millimeters and enter the necessary data.

Then there is one more important point. We need to change the color profile of the document from RGB to sRGB. No technique can fully convey the RGB scheme and the output image may be different from the original one.

So, we created the document. Now you can go directly to the design.

The creation process

When making the layout, it is important to remember that if the card is planned to rotate, space must be provided for the folding. It will suffice to have 2 mm.

Follow the instructions:

  1. 1. Press CTRL+R to invoke the rulers.
  2. 2. Right click on the ruler and select the units of measurement “millimeters”.
  3. 3. Go to the View menu and look for “Bind” and “Bind to”. Everywhere we put the checkmarks.
  4. 4. Pull the guide from the left ruler until it “sticks” to the center of the canvas. Look at the counter reading. Remember the readings, pull the guide back: we no longer need it.
  5. 5. We go to the menu “View – New guide”.
  6. 6. We add 1 mm to the value we remember. The orientation is vertical.
  7. 7. We create the second guide in the same way, but this time we take 1 mm from the original value.
  8. 8. Then everything is simple, the main thing is not to mix up the main image and the “back” (control cover).

Keep in mind that in pixels the size of the document can be huge (in our case, it is A4, 3508×2480 pixels) and you need to select the appropriate image, because when the latter is enlarged, the quality can significantly deteriorate.

It is best to save such documents in PDF format. Such files transmit maximum quality and are easy to print at home and in the printing shop. In addition, you can create two sides of a card (including the internal one) in one document and use duplex printing.

Printing a PDF document is standard:

  1. 1.Open the document in a browser and click the appropriate button.
  2. 2. Select the printer, quality and click on “Print”.
  3. 3. If after printing you suddenly see that the colors on the card are not displayed correctly, try to change the document mode to CMYK, save again to PDF and print.
  4. 4. Photo paper with a density of 190 g/m2 is enough for card printing.

This is all tips I know about creating cards in Photoshop.

Create original greeting and memorable cards, delight your loved ones, compete in your work with your friends and you will definitely increase your level of work in Photoshop!