Understanding Sales Enablement Jobs: What They Are and How They Work

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A sales team without proper resources is like a knight going into battle without a sword.

The first step of any sales strategy is to set your team up for success. This concept is the cornerstone of sales enablement jobs.

Sales enablement is a process by which sales teams are given data-driven tools, content, and information to close deals successfully. Today, platforms like Allego’s sales enablement software have simplified this process making it easy to use and understand for every member of the salesforce.

This process also coincides with the concept of the “buyers journey.”

Every buyer follows a journey, which involves problem identification, research, decision-making, and, ultimately, purchasing. Sales enablement managers give team members the tools to capture buyers at any stage of the journey.

Do you think you have what it takes to build a successful sales enablement career? Start with this guide to landing your dream job.

Get Sales Experience ASAP

Sales enablement jobs aren’t typically entry-level, which means you need previous sales experience. The best candidates for these jobs are sales associates, sales managers, shift leaders, and marketing professionals.

If you don’t have any sales experience, don’t fret. This job skill is easy to acquire. There are many places to gain sales experience, including big box retailers, boutiques, technology firms, biomedical companies, and more. Nearly every industry has a sales department of some kind.

Learn More About Sales Enablement Jobs

By gaining valuable hands-on experience, you may not need a degree to land a sales enablement job. However, a degree will give you an edge over the competition. Consider applying for a business associate’s degree, at the very least.

Accredited certificates in retail sales and marketing are also available for aspiring sales enablement professionals. It doesn’t hurt to take online courses in business, sales, and marketing, either. Education credits can beef up your resume if you lack enough work experience.

Never discount the value of self-education.

Some of the best resources are blogs and articles. If you’re currently a sales associate, learn how to define sales enablement for in-house interviews. You could even job shadow a sales enablement manager at work.  

Start Networking on Linkedin

Is your Linkedin profile collecting dust? Put it to good use! When done right, Linkedin marketing is an excellent way to find sales enablement jobs and attract industry headhunters.

It may feel weird to “market” yourself to future employers, but you can learn a lot as an aspiring sales professional.

Keep your Linkedin bio short and sweet by emphasizing value over fluff. Introduce your skills, experience, and the value you add to a sales team. Since sales enablement is a leadership role, emphasize your natural abilities as a leader.

Include your past work experience. Don’t just list duties, but include how you improved sales performance. Percentages are a big plus!

Do you blog about sales enablement? Even better! Linkedin has a section for industry publications and projects.

Drive Sales and Your Career

You’re built for the fast-paced world of sales. Put yourself in the lead for the best sales enablement jobs on the market.

Remember these tips as you build your career from the ground up, and visit the blog daily for the latest sales and marketing tips.