5 Ways conversational sales can help you grow your business

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When trying to accelerate revenue for your company, it’s important to look at what methods work and what doesn’t when it comes to interacting with customers. Your customers are obviously the most important thing for your business, seeing as they provide the income. 

Conversational sales help to give your sales team a good supply of qualified meetings. They can help provide insights and communication tools that they might need to target the right accounts and to secure those leads that your business might be after. But how do conversational sales work, and more importantly, how can they help grow your business?

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What Is A Conversational Sale?

A conversational sale is a dialogue-driven approach for online sales, and it’s something that many internet users have come across a lot in their general browsing. The approach relies on using online tools that deter away from potential friction points on your website. 

Not many people nowadays will be fond of filling in a web form and waiting for a response that takes 24-48 hours. This can be a potential friction point and so it’s good to try and remove that and replace it with conversational sales.

Conversational sales rely on dialogue both ways, and so it’s very much based on the principle of interacting with customers who are ready to buy but have reservations. Those reservations or questions can be answered easily by using this method and it has seen a lot of benefit for many of those who have implemented it.

There are plenty of online tools used with this method that include personalized videos or emails and SMS messages sent directly to targeted customers. Anything that will help smoothen their process as a client that’s interested in you as a business is what conversational sales can provide.

Using a conversational sales platform is the best place to start in helping you grow your business through this method.

Helps To Keep Website Visitors Engaged

A problem point for many websites is that in order to secure more customers and interest, you need to keep your website visitors engaged. If it doesn’t provide them with the content they need, they’ll switch off. It can be half the battle to get them onto your site, nevermind actually getting them to purchase your product or service.

So how can conversational sales help with that? Well with this method, a lot of the conversational experiences created are through tools like chatbots, live chat, and video. Live chats are for most customers, the best type of service to receive. They don’t need to talk to anyone on the phone, and they don’t need to wait hours for an email response. 

As a business, you want to be able to cater to your customer’s needs and that of your potential customers too. That can be done effectively when you have a person on the other end of a live chat, waiting for a customer to hop on and engage. It’s also a good thing to have a pop up when a customer has perhaps been lingering on the site for too long. It can offer that bit of support that they might not have even realized yet that they were looking for.

It’s also offering an extra form of communication that helps keep your business relevant when it comes to communication preferences. Not everyone does just one form of communication, so it can be important to have multiple. The goal is to secure product sales, to sell services, or to book meeting with clients, so offering as much as possible is important.

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Allows You To Target Potential Buyers & Leads

Data is a powerful thing, and it’s something that can greatly improve your chances of securing those buyers or leads for your business. For your sales and marketing teams, it’s important to engage with the right buyers, otherwise, it might be money that could have been better spent. Conversational sales can help utilize that data to targeting the right ones.

The data you receive from visitors browsing your website or perhaps on your social media handles also, can give you a reasonably good indication of who your target audience is. Not only that, but it can help you find the right contacts at companies you may be looking to target too.

By being able to use things like live chat, video, and email, it gives your teams the ability to chat with potential clients. Those who are responsible for making the decision. Or at the very least to provide that foot in the door that you need in order to speak to the right person. 

As a business, you want to build that pipeline of clients, and by doing that, you’re hopefully increasing the likelihood of word of mouth across your existing customers to new ones. The more you can spread the word about your business, the better, especially if it’s free on your part.

Grows Customer Value & Relationships

It’s already been mentioned, but great customer relationships are always going to be important. Customer success can rely greatly on the data you receive but also the value that they feel and get from you as a business. It’s important to offer your services and to go beyond their expectations of you as a company.

Whether that client or company has come across you before, it’s important to impress them. With online methods like email nurturing, personalized videos, and even SMS, you’ve got the opportunity to really give your customers everything they should need and want. Again, it’s essential you give them every reason to buy from you and so why not leave no stone unturned. Take advantage of what conversational sales can offer for your customers.

The faster you can provide these services, the quicker they’re going to purchase. You want to drive them down that sales funnel as efficiently as possible. It’s also important to retain those customers for as long as you can, particularly to ensure the future of your business.

It Helps Accelerate Sales

For some customers, it’s not always a straight forward purchase. Depending on what you sell to the client, may also depend on how quickly they’re willing to buy. If it’s a service or product that’s particularly pricey, it may need some time and energy spent on research and double-checking that you are the one for them.

With conversational sales, that help reduce the likelihood of that happening because your chatbots and live chats are there to help immediately. With all the online tools that you have at your disposal, you can effectively cut corners and accelerate your sales quickly. 

You may have clients that are almost at the point of sale but still have a few questions that they need answering. These might not be questions available on your site, and so those questions can be provided quickly. It reduces the client’s uncertainty in whether they should purchase or not. Some of us just need that nudge or reassurance that we’re making the right decision.

Not every customer is the same, and so in order to help accelerate the sales you want your sales team to be talking to the right people at the right time. This will help capture that potential customer’s willingness to buy at the right point. A lot of sales is down to analyzing a customer’s behavior after all. 

Simplifies The Process

In the world we live in nowadays, a lot of the modern-day society expects a greater amount than ever before. Technology has allowed us to exceed expectations time and time again. It’s no different when it comes to a business either. In order to stay relevant and to grow your business, you need to stay on top of business processes.

When competing with other businesses within your industry, it’s good to simplify the process of a customer buying from you. You want to try and take all of the complications out of the equation so that conversational sales are the final point at which they either say yes or no.

With a sales funnel, you can often have a long struggle with the customer, to get to the final part, which is parting them with their money. Using conversational sales can help do the work for the customer without them having to lift a finger. Anything they ask, you can provide by using this method of sales with your business.

With all their questions answered on the end of an automated email, an SMS, or personalized video, you help shorten their decision-making process. That in turn, helps you as a business to generate more customers and at a quicker rate. Business can be tough at the best of times, and when you’re starting out, it can be critical to secure business quicker.

Conversational sales work well with conversational marketing, and in today’s online world, it’s very much needed. Competition remains fierce, and as other businesses invest and seek out new ways of selling, your business should be doing the same too. Make sure you utilize these five tips to help your company grow its customer base using these online tools to your advantage.