7 Benefits of Adding Videos in your Digital Marketing Strategy

7 Benefits of Adding Videos in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Well! In this fast-paced world, it’s challenging to find the best and cost-effective strategies to help the organizations make their business stand out from the rest. If you are reading this article, you might be pondering over the same. Video marketing is nothing new. Almost 80% of the marketers are integrating videos in their marketing strategy to attract, engage, and delight the customers effortlessly. 

Videos are powerful and progressing rapidly. Are you having any second thoughts? Need not worry!  This article will help you know the role of videos in your marketing strategy, then this article is for you. 

Here are some reasons that will inspire you to create effective videos to improve your marketing strategy.

7 Amazing benefits of adding videos in digital marketing 

Let’s get started…. 

Catch the visitor’s Attention

According to the statistics, the organizations that are using video are able to attract two to three times as many monthly visitors. Videos are not only easy to consume but also super easy to produce. In this busy life, inspiring people to dig deeper into the services is not a cakewalk. But with videos, you can easily engage even the laziest buyers. 

So, if you want to capture a wide audience without investing huge bucks and time, make sure you produce competitive and inspiring videos that retain on the visitor’s mind for longer. 

Build visitor’s Trust

When it comes to building trust and brand personality, then the videos can help you easily connect with your audience. By creating appealing and informative videos, you can easily build a foundation of trust that further translates to sales. 

Remember, the stronger the customer’s trust, the more the business productivity. According to the statistics, 57% of the customers say that they get more confidence to make a purchase online after watching explainer videos. So, start producing videos that will help you promote your brand and build strong customer trust. 

Source: filmora.wondershare

Boost conversion rates

Well! Every organization aims to increase conversion and grow their business. You might be pondering over the same; if yes, then it’s the right time to use video marketing strategy. According to HubSpot, the organizations that are adding impressive and appealing videos on their landing pages are able to experience an 80% increase in their conversion rate. 

Yes! You are reading it right. Videos can directly affect your sales. Videos include visual content that engages more people and helps them retain more information. So, if you want to excite more people and inspire them to make a purchase, then start crafting videos according to your target audience. 

Improve search engine optimization 

Well! Google loves videos. Search engine ranks websites that include videos. Remember, if your website is in the top searches of Google, then you can attract more visitors by increasing the visibility of your products/services. 

According to Moovly, the websites that are embedded with excellent videos are 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of google. So, whenever you create a video, make sure it is highly optimized and published in the right way. To make it accurate, you can add interesting titles, appealing descriptions, accurate links, etc. 

Encourage social shares

Social sharing is the need of an hour. If you are able to improve your social strategy, you can easily enhance your traffic and let your brand encourage visitors without putting much effort and time. 

To make the best use of social networks, you can add videos to it. According to the statistics, the organizations that are creating social videos are able to generate 1200% more shares instead of uploading images and long formatted content. 

Remember, the more the number of shares, the higher the sales. 72% of people watching entertaining videos are able to share branded videos with their friends and family members. Thus, if you want to increase your website traffic, then start sharing effective videos on the right platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. 

Source: filmora.wondershare

Appealing to Mobile users

Another benefit that you can avail by using videos is that it is more appealing to mobile users. Almost every individual owns a mobile phone. Therefore, sharing mobile video is a great way to increase video consumption and get quality leads. 

There are approximately 90%of the people who prefer watching fascinating videos on their mobile devices. And this number is going to escalate every year by 100%. So, if you want to make your people feel a sense of personal connection and give them a better choice, then start producing video content that is shareable on your mobile phones—the more the number of traffic, the better the productivity. 

Explain Everything

Last but not the least benefit of creating videos is to explain the complex messages in the easiest and compelling way. There are around 98% of the users who believe that videos help them learn complex things in a much easier way. 

Always remember, the better the understanding, the easier it becomes to generate sales. Videos are a great way to explain difficult concepts in the easiest way. It would not be wrong to consider videos as a perfect combination of simplicity, entertainment, and knowledge. 

So, always create video content that stands out from the rest. It will not only help you express your thoughts in a real way but also has the power to engage even the laziest buyer. 

In a Nutshell

There are no two opinions that video marketing is growing in popularity. With the help of videos, marketers are increasing sales by grabbing the visitor’s interest and making them familiar with how their products/services can help them hit their business goals. So, start producing excellent videos that allow you to win digital presence and build strong customer relations. 

Hopefully, the information added above will definitely inspire you to create excellent videos that build visitors’ trust and educate the people in the best possible way. 

Now that you understand the importance of videos, pull up your socks and create videos without breaking the banks! Still, if you have confusion, feel free to add in the comment section below.