Making Sales Funnel Work, Here is What Leo Olsen Can Teach You

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Leo Olsen

Leo Olsen today will give us invaluable business advice. Many entrepreneurs find it challenging to establish a successful business. One of the reasons is the failure to develop a robust sales and marketing process. Sorting and converting business leads into paying customers should be a priority for businesses.

Leo Olsen built his company and became a millionaire at a tender age of 20. He currently runs a social media agency supporting businesses to build brands and increase their revenue. He offers valuable lessons on how to make sales funnels work. 

Keeping it simple 

Moving consumers from a cold lead, to a prospect, and finally a happy customer need not be complicated. A sales funnel has four main processes that range from awareness, interest decision, and action.

It’s essential to know your customer. Identify customer attraction strategies that work for your business. It could be a website, social media advertising, referral, a tweet, a Google search, or a Facebook post.

Consumers tend to think over their decisions, compare prices with competitors, and seek reviews from other users before making their buying decision. Leo Olsen advises that the sales funnel ought to be simple to encourage to transition from one stage to another. 

An analysis of customer actions is essential to determine how effective your sales funnel is. For example, when people visit your website, where do they click, how much time do they spend on the site? What is the additional content required for them to make a purchase decision? What immediate action that will ensure the leads convert. Such questions helps to optimize the process with the customer in mind. 

Avoid automated webinars 

Customers are unique. Not one strategy or approach will be appealing to all. While webinars are a great way to hook new leads, automated webinars on the other hand will ruin your credibility. Whereas automated webinars are hosting minimal resources, Leo Olsen advises that one can achieve significantly better results with live webinars.

The reason why automated webinars are not ideal is often due to the absence of a speaker to answer questions that may be fielded by the audience. People like to connect with other people, and will not fall into the trap of automated processes, when they are expecting the opposite. As much as possible, entrepreneurs should avoid pre recorded webinars as they often offer limited conversion rates. On the other hand, live webinars have the potential to achieve high registration and attendance as well as 19% sales conversion. 

Follow with your emails sequence 

Email marketing is a great addition to a sales funnel. The average order value of the purchase from an email is often three times higher than other social media digital outlets. An email sequence is an email sent to specific segments of people at particular time intervals or triggers based. These emails could serve several purposes.

Welcome note for persons who interact with your sales funnel, product, or brand for the first time. They should be informative and aimed at creating trust even before the push for sales. Other essential email sequences are onboarding, repeat customer, or re-engagement emails. Onboarding emails aim at delivering additional information. Besides, these emails serve to urge potential customers to use a product, book an appointment, start a trial, among other purposes.

Emails should be personalized and contain more brand or product benefits other than features, and outline the steps by the recipient until purchase. While your sales funnel will help you generate a lot of leads, the effectiveness of the funnel comes when you take the necessary steps to ensure that all steps are in place to initiate the customer journey from beginning to finish. 

Consistency and Clarity

Sales processes should be consistent, along with all the steps in the funnel. Every step of the funnel should link to the next stage in a smooth and precise manner. Clarity allows the sales team to identify problems or bottleneck with the funnel and fix them appropriately. Leo Olsen advises that funnels should align with the buying process of the customers. Sales processes should also provide clarity about the activities and outcomes of each funnel stage so that customers are aware of what to expect. 

To learn more about how you can make your sales funnel work for your business, connect with Leo Olsen