Artificial Intelligence in 5G Technology

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Artificial Intelligence in 5G Technology

We live in the advent of 5G. Although the introduction of this novel technology is going to bring some challenges for mobile communication service providers, it also seems to be inevitable. It turns out that AI will play a huge role in implementing and facilitating 5G. Let’s start with some basic facts, though. 

5G networks are digital cellular networks. Their service area, covered by mobile providers, is sectioned into small geographical areas known as cells. It’s going to significantly improve the speed of data transmission and processing, greatly enhancing the performance of electronic devices, from phones, refurbished iPads, computers, and other appliances we use daily.

It appears that AI will be crucial in the launch and maintenance of 5G. As of now, AI has already been implemented in many industries, including communications. It’s been incorporated into networks, aiming to reduce capital expenditure, optimize network performance, and build new revenue streams. By the end of 2020, 53 percent of communication service providers worldwide expect to have AI integrated with their networks. 55 percent reported that AI has a positive impact on customer experience. But where’s 5G in all this?

For 5G networks, it means they’ll use AI to recoup necessary network investments. Service providers see it as a way to ensure investment returns and lower operational costs. The majority of them believe that implementing AI will bring the biggest returns from network planning and network performance management.

More than 50 percent see the highest return potential in SLA (service-level agreement), product life cycle, and network management. More importantly, they agree that adopting AI is crucial to keep up with data challenges. 5G networks are going to operate on huge volumes of data AI is capable of collecting. In order to gather, structure, analyze, and process them, network providers must develop effective mechanisms. 

It looks like the mobile communications sector is going to rely on AI even more than it is now. However, network providers are working on designing the most effective ways to utilize AI and improve their services. Thus, adopting AI will most likely bring positive outcomes in the following years.

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