5 Ready-to-use Tools for You Creating Logos Online

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5 Ready-to-use Tools for You Creating Logos Online

Creating Logos Online for those of you who want to start a business is a must. But is it difficult to start?

In the business world, logos are the most important things to consider. In a certain way, the logo turned out to be able to directly connect the minds of customers with your businesses without the need to see the company name again.

Well, if you are already interested in creating a logo for your business, here, this post provides a list of what applications make online logos easy to use.

Toolkit: The best 5 logo makers to use

1. DesignEvo


Having more than 10,000 templates, of course, you should not miss DesignEvo as an option to create an online logo.

This tool claims to be free-to-use and very user-friendly so that it will save a lot of effort and cost. In the DesignEvo website, it provides a huge stock of templates so users can choose the desired template using only keywords.

In addition, there are also more than 100 great fonts that will help your expression more powerful. To use this tool, you can not necessarily register an account. You can go directly to your design and sign up when you want to export your works.

2. Canva


If talking about one of the best graphics application, then Canva is one of them.

This tool has been the talk of many people because of the convenience they offer.

Canva will help you create a logo for you very easily. There are various interesting templates that you can use to make your business logo. Although it’s free, Canva also provides quite a lot of features that you can use well.

Not only make a logo but in this application, you can also create designs for posters, business cards, even resume.

To use Canva, you only need to register with an email or Facebook account. Then, you can already try to make interesting designs. Canva is very easy to use even though you have never learned graphic design.

3. Zyro

Zyro logo maker

In addition to being free and easy to use, this online logo creation service also offers a variety of interesting features ranging from making logos to website designs.

To make an attractive logo, of course, need some elements such as fonts, colors, to a variety of icons, right? Apparently, all of that has been provided by this tool, so you can easily use it.

As explained on the Zyro website, this one application will allow anyone to realize their creative ideas.

So, even without the help of a designer, you can certainly make a logo that is attractive and looks professional.

The process of making a logo through Zyro only needs to click and drag, you know. You only need to set the logo element from the icon, size, and text only. Then adjust to what you want to highlight from your logo. When it’s finished, you can directly download the results of your logo. Sounds fun?

4. FreeLogoDesign

freelogodesign logo maker

The next is FreeLogoDesign. This application will help you create a logo for business in an effortless way.

It claims that its tools are free and are intended for entrepreneurs who are still pioneering businesses and freelancers. And actually, it will charge $39 for higher resolution, and if you want to build a website also, then you can get your domine with logo in $129.

They also offer convenience for creating professional-looking logos in just minutes. Interestingly, this application also has more than 1000 templates that can be used to create any logo, from start-ups to websites. You can personalize the desired logo In just a few steps.

During the logo design process, you can add the desired template, icon, and text. If you want to look unique, you can also combine several logo designs at once, you know.

5. Hatchful

hatchful logo maker

Reporting from Hatchful, this one application claims to be a tool to create an online logo dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Even though you don’t have any design skills, it’s guaranteed to be able to use this one application.

It looks very user friendly will not make you confused even though you’ve never made a logo design before.

In the process of making a design using Hatchful, you will be guided by steps that are easy to understand—starting from determining the type of business, visual style, to provide a tagline.

After adjusting some of the above, Hatchful will provide some template recommendations that will match the input. However, you also still have to adjust the font to the color for the logo design so that it can look more special.


These are the best five logo making tools this post list. After knowing what applications make the online logo above, are you curious to try it? Wish you can get help when you need to design a logo for your business. If you are looking for a tool to create an infographic, check out our article here.