9 Helpful Squirrly SEO Features to Get More Quality Traffic

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9 Helpful Squirrly SEO Features to Get More Quality Traffic

Once you have built a WordPress site and started populating it with quality content, the next step is bringing traffic to your website in the quickest possible time. The most effective way of doing that is by implementing Link Building for SEO strategies on the website to get it more visibility on related searches on search engines. 

The task is a lot easier on WordPress with plugins such as Squirrly SEO. To get to know this tool better, here are its nine helpful features.

Blogging Assistant

To follow the latest branding ideas in 2020, you need to have compelling visuals that will complement the brand itself and its values. Using stock images has been the most common decisions made by bloggers promoting brands. 

It has been very successful because there is a lot of images that can be found on these channels. Although that is true, there is an alternative to this and the best part is that you do not have to purchase the images. 

You can just use the keywords you have chosen on Blogging Assistant and images without copyright will appear. Those images can be used in the blogs you make and even social media posts. 

When you use those pictures on the blog, the keyword used to find it will be automatically inserted in the alt text. Above that, Blogging Assistant will also bring other related content for you like Wikipedia references and embedded tweets.

Many businesses have benefitted with this feature, especially those that need a lot of visual content on their website. Assignment help and Top resume reviews cite this as a great tool that has helped them boost their SEO while sorting out the usual issues they faced in using images.


You may have the ability to research keywords and gather all of them together for a blog post but not the skills of using them effectively. 

Undoubtedly, keywords are very important because they can make or break the entire SEO efforts you are implementing. They can be used across various stages of the customer journey including the awareness and decision-making stage. 

The briefcase can help you group these keywords and have a better know-how of using them. Once you have grouped them, there will be different tabs where they can be assessed according to their statistics. 

For example, bloggers can know how much a keyword is trending and determine the number of times it has been used in the content you have created. You can even see if the keyword is ranking or not and use it in future content by pulling it on the Live Assistant tool.

Live Assistant

Sometimes bloggers may fail to find the balance between balancing SEO algorithms and making the content human-friendly. If you are facing the same problem, the Live Assistant is here to solve that issue. 

The feature goes between the technical side of SEO and the human side of things making the content easy to understand for both stakeholders. Live Assistant checks if you have used the keywords appropriately in the right places in terms of optimizing the content further. 

You can also use this feature to ensure that the content is not over-optimized without too many keywords. It can be used as you write the content on the WordPress editor which enables its users to get real-time updates. That makes things easier because you will write the content the right way in the first attempt instead of going back and redoing it later.

SERP Checker

To ensure that you are meeting your goals targets, there should be data that shows all the necessary details in terms of page rankings. Some have opted for the popular Google Search Console but there is an even better and more functional alternative. 

SERP Checker on Squirrly SEO can help you check the rankings of the keywords used in the content posted. Unlike Google Search Console, you can see those rankings on any given day instead of gaining access to the average only. 

The benefit of this is that you will determine if there has been an increase or downfall in your current ranking. Therefore, you will identify any problems regarding the ranking of the blog. 

If you pick up on any decrease in rankings, it will be prudent to quickly fix that problem by using other SEO efforts. Another benefit of this feature is that it will give you a snapshot of how your content is doing on social media channels.

Focus Pages

As the blog you are running has more content posted on it, there will be those important articles that should be given special attention. Those pages are the ones with the most in-depth content that will draw the audience closer to the blog and create a loyalty relationship. 

Squirrly has a feature that will assist WordPress bloggers to create more search engine optimized content to get an increase in quality traffic. 

Focus pages analyze the most important blog posts that you have created and uploaded online. Part of the analysis includes checking the keywords you have used if they are realistic and the health of the traffic on the blog. 

The feature also checks other characteristics like the linking strategy, Google indexing and the overall authority of the page. You can use the data gathered from this analysis feature to improve the SEO strategies currently implemented on the blog to get more quality traffic.

Bulk SEO Settings                            

As time goes on, the need to update the content on your old blog posts arises but it may be hard to identify which pages are out of date. 

Manually checking each page on the WordPress editor will be very time-consuming and you can easily miss some important factors. Bulk SEO Settings can help you get a better understanding of all the pages on the blog. 

You will get to see pages that are not visible to search engines and get an overview of why that is. The feature will identify any missing information that could possibly impact the visibility of the blog pages. 

Missing information includes meta-titles, Open Graph Data, and descriptions as well as other crucial data. Anytime there is content that gets out of date, this feature will remind you to update it.

Audit Suite

The Squirrly SEO Audit Suite is a very helpful feature that can help you in the efforts of optimizing the blog to get more quality traffic. 

Unlike the different individual tools and feedback you get from the other features of this Plugin, Audit Suite is very comprehensive. Weekly, you will receive comprehensive audits of the website that will quickly indicate any shortcomings, if any. 

The audit will include a report of the results found on the blog pages that include suggestions on how to improve on those points. Traffic health, blogging efficiency, linking strategy and the authoritativeness of the site are part of the audit. 

Above that, this auditing tool also brings in other factors that impact SEO and provides you with a unified report. When you receive a report weekly, problems noted on the results will be fixed much faster because they will be in your attention constantly.

Optimizing Titles

Titles are very important because that’s what draws readers to open the website and read the content. Mistakenly, some people have not put much thought into the titles they use and how they can optimize them. 

Squirrly SEO ensures that the titles you use are optimized for SEO purposes and that they will prompt users to open blog posts. That is done by ensuring that the title is of appropriate length and that it doesn’t have spammy keyword behavior.

It is true that you should include the main keyword on the title but some people may use it too often. Google might penalize the blog by ranking it lower which cripples all SEO efforts invested in the post. The recipe for success Squirrly uses here is getting the balance between too much and too little, resulting in a title that is just right for SEO.

Domain name keyword spamming detector

Google is very particular about keywords and doesn’t tolerate spamming of any kind when it comes to this SEO tool. 

With that being said, you should also avoid keyword spamming that involves your domain name. How can this be done? If the domain name you use is the same as keywords used on blog posts afterward, there will be some penalties. 

For example, if the website you are running has this domain name “www.marketingtips.com” and then creates a post with this keyword “best marketing tips” Google might penalize you. 

The matter can be exacerbated when you use the keyword on the URL because it will be duplicated which looks spammy. Squirrly SEO helps bloggers avoid that problem by notifying them if there is any conflict of interest of that sort.

The bottom line

Squirrly is one of the best SEO optimization plugins that give users accurate data and suggestions on how to use it effectively. All these tools will ensure that your website is SEO optimized the right way and help drive more quality traffic.

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