In With the New! 7 Branding Ideas to Consider in 2020

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In With the New! 7 Branding Ideas to Consider in 2020

Does your brand need a refreshing? 

Having branding ideas in 2020 is an essential element of your overall marketing strategy. Your company’s brand is everything that makes it recognizable to the public, whether that’s your logo, website or any piece of marketing material that you produce. This brand recognition increases awareness of your services or products, which will drive more business. 

Keep reading if you think your brand strategy might need a refresh this year. We’ve compiled our best branding ideas that will give your brand a boost and drive more awareness about your company. 

Seven Branding Ideas in 2020 You Should Try

If you’re not a marketer, branding your business might seem overwhelming. However, there are some easy things you can do to keep your brand top of mind and create a consistent experience for every prospect that will stand out in their minds.

When you’re ready to boost your brand but aren’t sure where to start, here are seven branding ideas to try: 

1. Redesign Your Website and Blog

Your website and blog are typically the first introduction people have to your brand. Make sure it’s modern, well-designed and easy to use. To learn more about designing a great website, check out this article by Noble Webworks.

2. Keep Imagery Consistent 

Many brands share a lot of images throughout all of their marketing channels, whether it’s social media, email or print campaigns. All of your pictures should be high-quality and have a similar look and feel. 

3. Streamline Your Design 

Streamlined design goes beyond just a quality website. Make sure your branding is simple and consistent across all platforms. Consider redesigning your logo if it’s outdated or confusing for prospects. You should also use the same colors and fonts throughout all marketing pieces, so people can easily recognize your brand. 

4. Create a Social Media Community 

Social media is an important tool for building your brand. When you use social media effectively, you’ll be able to build a quality following of people who know and love your brand. 

5. Use Videos 

Customers love videos, and they’re an easy way to help them feel more connected to your brand and your products or services. Use videos on your website or social media channels to boost engagement. 

6. Personalize Your Marketing 

How are you making your prospects or customers feel special? In a crowded market, they want to know that they’re valued. Personalize all of your marketing efforts whenever possible. For example, address them in emails by name, so they don’t feel like just another contact on your list of thousands of prospects. 

7. Communicate The Value of Your Business 

Customers don’t want to engage with a brand that is always pushing products on them or makes them feel like you’re continually selling them on something new. Evaluate your brand messaging to make sure that you’re accurately communicating how your product adds value to a customer’s life. 

Let your customers know that you understand their wants and needs and explain how your services solve a problem for them in all of your brand messaging. 

Learn More About The Best Marketing Strategies

Creating a full marketing strategy can feel overwhelming, but following these seven branding ideas in 2020 will help you get started. Make sure you check out the rest of our website for more helpful marketing tips when you’re ready to learn more.