Are these Instagram myths ruining your brand?

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Are these Instagram myths ruining your brand?

The rising number of users on Instagram has made it one of the most powerful social media platforms. However, the big numbers bring a lot of Instagram myths, pros and cons – you tend to hear a lot about this platform: What to do, what not to do, how can it affect your business and much more.

But, not everything you hear is completely true and you don’t need to believe it quite frankly. You will simply ruin your image on Instagram if you believe what are called myths. Let me introduce you to the top 3 myths which are so widely believed that none of us knew that it’s only a myth!

#1 It is only for businesses who have visual products to offer

This is one of those statements that come naturally to people. Of course, Instagram is one of those platforms with a lot of ‘visual’ in it that is uploading pictures of products, promoting them, displaying them, and readily offering them, but it is not restricted to only that.

For instance, if you are offering creative paintings or phone covers, you might find this platform more encouraging, but this doesn’t make this platform any less ideal for industries like steel or FMCG. If that was the case, Gopro wouldn’t be standing at 16.8 million ever-growing strong army. This should, in fact motivate you further.

It is not always the products you need to broadcast for the promotion of your company, you can innovate and build a brand centering your company culture or anything else. Since I mentioned Gopro, if you pay a visit on their profile, you will find that instead of posting pictures of their cameras, they upload shots of pictures clicked by their products.

Likewise, you can have your very own way of communicating with your audience. You can give them insights into your behind-the-scenes, your culture, the activities you pursue, and more. Do anything but NEVER believe in this widespread myth.  

#2. It is just about posting photos

Well, Instagram is a social networking platform and the word social completely justifies how this is a myth. Social means two-way communication or interaction and not just posting photos and videos.

However, if you have ever believed in this myth, I am sure your profile will reflect it extensively. Of course, if you have your focus on that, it is a different story, but you cannot completely generalize the entire platform on that basis.

You can easily communicate with your followers if you want to. Infact, successful brands on Instagram have a history of great interaction. They don’t just reply to their follower’s comments but also trigger conversation on DMs.

Since it is known to all of us, the best forms of communication involve generating user-generated content, conducting contests, and themed campaigns. Brands also launch campaigns centering user-interaction and make the most of it. You can also consider these techniques and breakout of this myth.

Take a look at how GoPro aced the ‘contest-technique’ with its #GoProHero7 Campaign


Trust me, if you want to make it big on Instagram, it is impossible with just photos and videos. You will have to engineer various different ways of communicating, to reap all the marketing benefits. It is how you communicate that matters when it comes to your engagement rates and how effectively you are using Instagram as a platform.

#3. Measuring is difficult on Instagram

Let us just call this a complaint, which turned into a myth. I do agree with the fact that to monitor your success on this platform, the metrics and tools provided are not as sophisticated and accurate on other platforms, for instance, that of Twitter and Facebook, but it doesn’t make Instagram any bit less worthy.

For example, if you buy Instagram followers, you are getting an exact number. For checking your engagement rates of a particular post, you can analyze it with the number of comments you have received on a particular piece of content.

You can also individually check the success of your hashtags in terms of engagement. Lastly, the best part will be the referral traffic, which means how many users are visiting your website, finally converting. You see, like everything in life, Instagram too is not perfect. There are some areas that are unbelievably perfect and some that still need improvement.

Rounding up, Instagram is a very powerful social media platform very well capable of making you an overnight star. Do not stop yourself to be a part of this visual journey and fall in the trap of these Instagram myths! Happy Instagramming!