Holiday Gifts Digital Marketers in your Life

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Holiday Gifts for the Digital Marketers in your Life

Finding the perfect gifts for digital marketers is a daunting task for anyone, but knowing the person you want to buy a gift for is the first step for purchasing a present they will love. 

As we grow older and more financially independent, we stop having a wishlist of things we would like to receive because we can purchase them ourselves, but sometimes digging deeper and finding a present that will cheer your friend, partner, or a family member is the adventure worth taking. Especially if that friend, partner, or a family member is a digital marketer. 

But what seems like an appropriate present for a digital marketer, you ask. Well, here are some ideas.

Workout gear

In our fast-paced society, there are days when we forget to move our legs or workout. We spend 24 hours in a sitting position. A leading physio in Townsville has told us that this just a recipe for back pain, stress, and depression. Digital marketers especially spend their entire days glued to their screen. That is why it is a fantastic idea to gift them with a stress relief – exercise. Maybe they have had many excuses for why they are not working out, like “I do not have running shoes,” or “I am too lazy to search for a workout outfit that will motivate me to hit the gym.” Well, no more excuses. Walk jog run is the perfect place to find all the gear that your digital marketer needs to start their healthier lifestyle and get rid of stress. 

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An interesting book

Everyone likes to read books about their career, and it is not different when it comes to digital marketers. It does not have to be related to their job, but it can be a book about self-development, like organization, habits, or lifestyle. Ask them about their reading goals, but be subtle. Write down the titles and authors and search for their books online. Or, play a game of detective and next time they invite you over, scan their entire bookshelf and see if any of the authors have a book that is going to be published soon or find recommendation based on the titles. There are plenty of books out there just waiting to be read. 

A digital subscription

Digital courses or software are trendy gifts fors digital marketers ideas in the past couple of years. 

Buy them a yearly subscription to their favorite course websites like Skillshare or a single course on Masterclass. 

Another great idea is to buy them a license for the software they want or a yearly subscription to their favorite SaaS like Spotify, Audible, or Grammarly. 

If they are into magazines, you can purchase a yearly subscription to their favorite magazine. 

They will love it!

Gear that they talked about getting for themselves

Surprise them with an item they have been talking about for weeks! They will be so grateful, not only for the gift but also because you really listen to them. 

For example, they have been talking about getting glasses that block the blue light for so long, or they have always wanted a phone holder, but they never got the chance to buy it, or they want to have a big bottle of water on their des do they remember to stay hydrated. These are all the potential gifts that the digital marketer in your life will adore. 

Maybe they have been thinking about starting a podcast? Buy them a good mic. 

Even the small items that they want can mean the world to them if they come from a special person, so do not forget to listen to everything they say because it could hold the key to the perfect present for a digital marketer.