5 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media

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In today’s digital age, if you are on the internet there’s a good chance you are familiar with social media. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are more popular today than ever before!

Seventy-two percent of Americans use some form of social media! While the popularity and convenience of social media may be tempting for you, there are compelling reasons to not have social media at all. 

Read on to learn five reasons why you should delete social media accounts today!

  1. Maintain Your Privacy

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with people but it’s also one that decreases your privacy altogether. It can be fun to share your feelings, news stories, and pictures, but each time you do it you are giving up some of your private life.

You are also providing web applications with a lot of your personal information. This data can be used by these social media companies to target advertisements toward you while you are on the internet. 

Deleting all social media will help you regain your privacy and start living your own life!

  1. Increase Your Productivity

One of the most compelling reasons to delete social media is that you can increase your productivity by doing it. Did you know the average American spends more than two hours each day on social media? 

If you spend only two hours each day on these applications, you will spend more than 60 hours surfing social media in any given month! That’s an entire full-time work week each month spent looking at social media accounts. 

Free up your time and become more productive by getting rid of social media accounts now!

  1. Live More ‘In The Moment’

When you have social media accounts you may be more tempted to take pictures or post information as you go about doing things in your daily life. For example, at a concert performed by your favorite band, you may hold your phone up to capture video footage to post on Facebook or Twitter.

Instead of living in the moment and enjoying things as they happen, you interrupt these experiences to take a video you may never watch later. You will help yourself begin living life at the moment by saying goodbye to social media for good. 

  1. Don’t Risk Being Pre-Judged

In today’s competitive hiring environment, many employers look towards a candidate’s social media accounts before making a job offer. As many as 54 percent of employers report they’ve eliminated a job candidate based on their social media accounts. 

You risk being pre-judged by an employer if you have a social media account. Give yourself more of an opportunity to earn a job in person by not letting social media form a potential employer’s perception of you before an interview. 

  1. Being Different Matters

With the popularity of social media, it can be tempting to just go along with the crowd and be like most of your friends with one account or more. Being different and deciding to stay off of social media can make a positive difference in your life. You can read this article to learn about why deleting Twitter permanently can improve your quality of living!

Besides finding more free time and being more productive, not having social media will help you live as people did before the social media age. It may be rewarding for you to harken back to living life as the world did prior to the social media explosion. 

Now You Know Why You Should Delete Social Media

If you are wondering why you should delete social media, you may be closer to doing it than you think. Instead of sending someone a virtual message through social media or sharing an interaction through a picture, not having social media will force you to make more of an effort with maintaining meaningful relationships with other people. 

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