10 Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies for 2021

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10 Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies for 2021

Are you launching a new mobile app?

Launching an app can be a great way to boost your brand and engage your customers. An app allows you to provide more value for your brand to your customers. However, not all businesses find success in their app launch.

An app cannot succeed without users and downloads. It can be difficult to compete with the over 1.96 million to 2.87 million apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Are you look for the right app marketing strategies for your new mobile app? Don’t worry; we got you covered! This article covers some essential mobile app marketing strategies.

Read on to learn how to market your app for success!

1. Market Before Your Launch

If you want a successful app marketing strategy, it’s crucial to start ahead of your launch. Start thinking about app marketing strategies and campaigns after finalizing concepts and designs. Determine who your target audience is and the best way to market it to them.

Planning your marketing strategy way before your launch will give you time to polish it. It’s crucial to know how to create anticipation for your app and get a strong momentum.

2. Reach Out to Your Target Audience

During the development process, you need to know what its purpose is. This helps you understand if it will fit your target audience’s needs. A good example of this would be an easy parking app for people who commute daily.

It’s good practice to get feedback from your users as you develop your app. You can do this by engaging your customers through online forums or social media. You can also find industry leaders and get insight from them.

3. Link Your Website

It’s essential to maintain the momentum of your marketing campaign before the launch. A good way to do this is by starting a website or blog. This allows you to stay in touch with users who found interest in your app.

Giving your users regular updates will help maintain the interest in your product. It can even help you get more users to download your website upon its launch. You can share information about the development process behind the scenes.

This makes your followers feel more involved. This can make your app feel more important to them, encouraging them to come back for more.

4. Launch Kit and Press Material

Your press kit may involve authoritative figures in social media. Bloggers and industry influencers can help make your product launch successful. You must also start preparing your launch materials.

When sharing the development process, give your users a sneak peek of the final product. Giving them something to look at will help them stay invested. Screenshots, video promos, and teaser trailers are great ways to do this.

5. App Store Optimization

If you own a business website, you may have already learned the essentials of SEO. You can use a similar strategy to make your app more visible on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. App Store Optimization will help direct your app to potential users.

If done right, you can attract organic users with ASO without any cost. As with SEO, start by identifying relevant keywords and phrases. Incorporate this keyword into your app name and description.

Ensure to add app screenshots. A video of in-app use would also help your ASO score. Localizing your entry and adding secondary categories can give your app more visibility.

6. Social Media Marketing

If you’re looking to launch an app for mobile use, social media is crucial to your campaign. Studies show that 99% of social media users browse through their phones at some point. This means that if you want people to learn about your app, you need to market with social media.

Social media is not only effective in building awareness about your product. It can even help you build a community surrounding your app. This can help bring in people who may not know about your app otherwise.

Fitness and mobile gaming apps are the most popular in the market. You may also try adding social sharing buttons in your app. This allows your users to share their experiences on social media.

7. Influencer Marketing

Authenticity is a crucial factor when it comes to customer decisions. A mobile user may not download your app if they’ve never heard of it before. A great way to counter this is with influencer marketing.

Influencers are authoritative figures, often on social media. Their most popular platforms are Instagram and YouTube. Collaborating with influencers can be a powerful move for your product.

Many influencers have a current and established following. These users see influencers as a trustworthy figure. This means that a user is more likely to download your product after an influencer recommends it to them.

8. Feature on the Apple App Store

Getting featured is a great way to build momentum on your app launch. This pushes your app to the front page, where users are more likely to see it. However, this means that you may need to pitch to Apple’s editorial team.

Professional Apple App Store curators may sometimes review an app or game. If you want to get featured on the App Store, create a convincing pitch. Outline what your app does and how it gives value to users.

9. Get Reviews

After launching your app, it’s crucial to keep track of its performance. Get reviews for your app and follow them to improve your product further. You may even present your app to App Review channels if you think your app can solve a user’s problem.

10. Push Notifications

After planning out your marketing strategy, think about the retention stage. Even if users download your app, you will only get success if they use it. A great way to create loyal app users is through push notifications.

Push notifications give your users an incentive to keep using your app. This can range from awards, specialized content, or promotions.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies for 2021

Here are our mobile app marketing strategies for a successful campaign! Take note of these mobile app marketing tips, from influencer marketing to ASO!

Launching an app is only one step to building a successful business. Want to learn more about marketing your products and services? Check out our other guides, and start building your business today!