4 Tips for Automating on Social Media

Social media and automation are scary words for many internet marketers. Do you know the best ways for automating on social media? When done correctly the results can be immense. On the other hand, when social media is automated ineffectively, your customers will notice and move on. Salesforce created this infographic to show what you can and shouldn’t automate for social media success.

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Tips for Automating on Social Media Infographic Summary

1. Automate Daily Content Sharing with Buffer and IFTTT

In IFTTT create a reciple that notified to add a new blog post to your buffer schedule when it’s on your blog’s RSS Feed.
Regularly sharing content can open the door to conversations and, for future reference, helps you get to know what your audience is interested in.

2. Automate Emails Based on Tweets from Twitter and IFTTT

  • Use Twitter search to see how people commonly phrase questions about your products and services?
  • Go to IFTTT and set up a recipe to email you when someone tweets the keywords you are searching for in relation to your products or services.
  • You can complete a similar process for questions asked outside of Twitter using Google Alerts.

This tactic helps you achieve social media success: Instead of spending tons of time searching for potential customers on social media, you can sit back and wait for an email to notify you a new potential customer is ready to engage.

3. How to Automate Reputation Monitoring with Mention

  • Mention alerts you to new mentions on social media, blogs and discussion sites.
  • As you see new mentions of your company name, you can say thanks, answer questions, or respond to any critical feedback.
  • It allows you to discover brand advocates and build stronger relationships.

4. How to Automate Competitive Research with Rival IQ

  • Start by creating a landscape with your business and your competitors.
  • Review lots of data about your competitors’ social media presence and activity.
  • You will get a regular email update showing your recent performance compared to your competitors.
  • It saves you from going back and forth between your competitors’ profiles to see what they are up to.