Mobile App Advertising for Beginners

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Mobile App Advertising For Beginners Infographic created and shared a very important infographic showing the basic of mobile app install ads advertising which is very different from standard mobile web ads.

Mobile App Advertising For Beginners

Infographic Summary

What are mobile app install ads?

The main purpose is to get traffic from sources outside the stores, such as social media. Download your app ads usually appear on the news feed of social channel. they consist of the app name, description, image and a call to action button. Seperate campaigns will need to be set up for iOS and Android apps.

In app advertisement

App developers choose to procure their revenue from in-app advertising within their free apps.It is essential choose the best serving model whether is be interstitial ads, notification ads or advanced overlay. The main channels that offer mobile app installs include:

  • Facebook – 1.2 billion mobile users, used by half of the top grossing apps on the app and play store with with campaigns targeted to a specific audience.
    • Types – Mobile app install ads – ads that are linked directly to the respective app store URL
    • Mobile app engagement ads – ads with specific call to action to open the app
    • Types of audiences on Facebook include custom audiences – targets users based on specific demographics and location. lookalike audiences – reach new people similar to those already taking actions within app and device level targeting – reach people using specific mobile devices. Can identify device which works best for your apps and can filter out other device that are no longer compatible
    • Costs of Facebook mobile app advertising: compared to other networks, Facebook has high CPI (cost per install) and rates vary for different category. Facebook’s mobile app install ads are more than three times as expensive as the average Facebook ad.
  •  Twitter – One of the largest ad exchanges in the world with over 227 million mobile users. Twitter campaigns are targeted to a “real-time” audience.
    • Types – Twitter app install cards that let you showcase your mobile app to your target audience directly within your tweet. Twitter engagement campaigns that are tweets with images, rating and calls to action to open the app already installed on your device
    • Cost per app click – When someone clicks to install or open your mobile app from twitter it is charged on a CPAC basis.
  • Google App Installs – Google, the search engine giant has 1.17 million monthly unique users that generally have longer campaigns reaching larger audiences.
    • Types – App install ads that lists the app on the consumers mobile devices (both android and iOS devices) where conversions tracked automatically in Adwords (for android apps)
    • App re-engagement ads with deep linking in apps to point consumers to the right information within the app (available only on android apps)
    • Channels include the search network – reach people that are searching for an app that is similar to their own, display network – reach people that are using apps that are similar to their own, youtube trueview – targets people based on their interests, demographics and videos they have watched and trueview ads play as pre-roll before a user can view a video.

Important statistics

  1. Percentage by which the number of mobile app installs has increased by – 182%
  2. Total app install from FB mobile app install ads is 350 million
  3. Facebook app install network generates about $1 to $10 per install
  4. United States mobile app install revenue will grow to 6.8 billion by the end of 2019
  5. CTR increase in ads in tablets over those on handsets by 44%
  6. Ads on mobile apps perform 2x better than those on mobile web

Keys to success

  • Define the right channels for advertisement with pilot campaigns
  • have your segmentation and targeting done right
  • Use re-targeting to maximize the conversions
  • Ensure you engage with the users at the right time
  • Use the right analytic tools to measure the key attributes and re-engage!

What is your experience with mobile app install ads?