5 Tips to Create a Better Instagram Feed

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Instagram is a social media platform that is not the easiest to use efficiently and drive major traffic to your website. Does your Instagram account lack a healthy amount of targeted followers who engage with your content? Use these tips below to optimize your activity on Instagram.

Source: Elle and Company Design

How to Create an Effective Instagram Feed


1. Optimize your Profile

  • Create consistency by using a similar profile picture across all social media accounts.
  • Explain your business and its purpose for being on Instagram.
  • Choose a handle similar to your business name in order to make it easy to find in search results.
  • Consider creating a custom Instagram landing page on your website and link to it within your profile.

2. Create a schedule

  • Instagram has a laid back “feed speed” so you don’t need to post it every hour or even every day. If you post too much, you could saturate the feeds of your followers. Organize your posts, create a schedule and track your engagement to see your optimum posting days and times.

3. Vary your images

  • Share a healthy balance of both fun and business-related images.
  • Post photos that are relevant to your brand and potential customers.
  • Share behind-the-scenes images of your work and your work space.
  • Take advantage of the real estate you have on your Instagram profile to tell a story with your images.

4. Develop a consistent style

  • Use similar settings each time you edit a photo for Instagram
  • Stick to a similar color palette that reflects your brand.
  • Photograph similar subject matter and set up similar layouts.

5. Engage with your followers

  • Use multiple hashtags, including your company’s hashtag to reach people searching about relevant topics. it’s best to use 1-2 of the most important hashtags in the post description and list the rest in the first comment. Encourage your followers to use your custom hashtags, too.
  • Create a conversation by asking questions within your posts and respond to comments to keep the conversation going. To foster a loyal following, visit your followers’ accounts and engage with their posts, too.

What other tips to you recommend for Instagram Success?