Tips to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio for your Business

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Tips to Write the Perfect Instagram Bio for your Business

Tips to Write the Perfect
Instagram Bio for Your Business

If you want to beat the competition, you should set up a winning Instagram bio for your business. And the first thing you should do is to write a catchy bio. You need to describe your business in 150 characters or less. Make sure that you do competitor research and use a tool like Insta stalk to see what other successful Instagram profiles are doing.

If you want to write the perfect Instagram bio, but have no idea from where to start, read this article. Here you will find tips and tricks on how to make your account stand out.

Go straight to the point

First of all, you should understand that your bio should include only that information, which really matters for your followers. Try to provide Instagram users with the answers, which they expect to get.

Take a glance at the bio of Delta Air Lines. The company replied to all frequently asked questions in a few short sentences.

  • Is it the official Delta Air Lines profile? Yes, it is.
  • How can I get answers to my questions regarding my flight status or booking? Visit the “talk to us” page at our site.
  • Which hashtag should I use for my travel posts? Use hashtag #Delta
delta instagram bio

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Set an appropriate tone of voice

Tone and voice of your brand should be
consistent across all channels. If you position your brand as a luxury brand,
you should make sure that your Instagram profile looks fancy enough. The bio of
your business account should impress visitors with the ultimate style that is
inherent to your brand.

Do you want to see an example of an
excellent bio? Look at Clariadge’s Hotel profile. Pay attention to the words
used. Sophisticated phrases like “timeless glamour” definitely help to set the
right tone of voice.

instagram bio for business example

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If you find it challenging to write fancy
texts like this, you should get help from professional content creators. For
instance, you may hire a writer from WoWGrade or TrustMyPaper.

Express your vision

Vision, mission, logo, and tagline are
essential elements of your brand identity. And if your primary goal is to boost
brand awareness and discoverability, you can use your catchy tagline instead of
standard business description.

Let’s take a look at Nike’s profile. Nike’s bio consists of its powerful slogan and one branded hashtag. For the world-famous company, it’s more than enough. There is no necessity to overload bio with extra information.

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nike bio on instagram

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Describe your content

Visitors want to know what kind of
content they can find on your profile. So you should shortly explain what your
account is all about. Do you use Instagram to share behind the scene peeks,
inspiring stories of your customers, or useful life hacks?

Try to introduce your profile in the most
favorable light. It will double your chances to convert visitors into

describe content on instaram

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Add address

If you own a small, local business, you
must add the address to your bio. Whether you own a restaurant, or barberry
shop, or bakery, you should let people know where they can find you.

Otherwise, you will receive dozens of
direct messages and comments with the questions: “what’s your address?” and
“where can I buy your products?” You don’t want to waste your precious time
answering those questions again and again, do you?

address on instagram bio

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Set availability status

you run a small business and accept orders via Instagram, you should state in
your in bio whether you are currently available or not. For instance, if you
plan to go on vacation for a week, you should mention that in your Instagram
bio. If you notify your customers about the changes in your schedule in
advance, you will avoid lots of problems.

availability status instagram bio

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Create a list

If you want to drive more visitors to your Instagram, you should properly structure your bio. Keep in mind that long blocks of text scare users away. And your major task is to make bio skimmable.

For instance, you may create a short list
of main characteristics and benefits of your business, and use relevant emojis
instead of ordinary bulleted points. This little trick will help you to make
your Instagram bio eye-catching and easy-to-remember.

list on instagram

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Mention related business

It’s always a good idea to connect your main Instagram bio for your business profile with related accounts. In your bio, you can mention from one to three Instagram profiles, which might be interesting for your target audience. This simple trick will help you to grow Instagram following organically across all your branded accounts.

consider an example to understand how it works. H&M operates in a few
different niches and runs a few Instagram accounts: @HM_kids, @HM_man, and
@HMHome. All these niche profiles are mentioned in the bio of the main business
account @H&M. These mentions encourage H&M followers to follow more
than one branded account.

related business profiles

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Highlight your

is the most significant achievement of your company? Have you done something
good for your community, your country, or for the world? If you are proud of
your business, feel free to “boast” a little in your Instagram bio.

your company is involved in charity, or if you run a non-profit organization,
this tip is right for you. Don’t hesitate to praise your achievements in order
to you add value to your brand.

achievements on instagram

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Use no words

words are useless. They only distract people from the message, which you are
trying to deliver.

instance, Dolce&Gabbana eliminated all text from bio to draw the users’
attention to the link. In this way, the company encouraged profile visitors to
watch a video, where Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, are offering apologies
to Chinese. Dolce&Gabbana
released this video
to stop #boycottdolcegabbana campaign, which damaged the brand’s
reputation a lot.

no words on instagram bio

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So if you believe that a bunch of
beautiful words can’t help to fix the current problem, you can leave your bio
empty. Try to find a better way to get your business back on track.

Wrapping it up

Don’t try to copy someone else’s bio, even if it seems to be perfect for you. Remember that every business is unique. And only can choose the right words to describe your company and make people follow your brand.

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