Microsoft Advertising Exchange Review

Microsoft Advertising Exchange

Microsoft Advertising Exchange Review

The Microsoft Advertising Exchange offers robust digital advertising solutions for advertisers. They are able to use their top tier media brands to connect to consumers in unique ways. These brands include MSN, Windows 8, Skype, Xbox, Bing and

 MSN Health and Wellness Vertical

Microsoft Advertising Products

Display Ad Targeting –

Microsoft has a robust display ad network that makes banner advertising more effective and efficient. Brands are displayed in front of only the most relevant and engaged audiences. With a wide array of targeting options such as Profile, Behavioral, Re-messaging, Category, Dynamic Creative Optimization or custom targeting solutions, Microsoft take the problems marketers face head on.

Ad Network and Exchange –

Premium inventory with millions of unique users across the United States. A Brand safe advertising environment with inventory from Microsoft owned and operated properties and Data sources. Microsoft is able to provide massive scale, unlimited choices and real time efficiency.

Bing Ads –

Pay Per Click advertising and Search Engine Marketing at it’s finest. Pay only when your ads are clicked and if you are already running with Google you can import your campaign easily.

Video Advertising – Have your brand come to life across Microsoft platforms and properties.

Make the most of your video assets with innovative ad experiences that let your video content shine. NuAds for Xbox 360 and Xbox One invite your audience to interact with your video campaigns through hand gestures and voice controls, while Video Ads in Apps for Windows 8 drives engagement through full-screen video and opportunities for rich customization.

Multi-Screen –

Potential customers have rapidly changed they use and their many devices. With Microsoft Advertising you can achieve massive scale with brand messaging across devices such as phone, tablet, computer and television.

Creative Sequencing –

Tell a sequenced, multi-part story through our Creative Sequencing. Show consumers three or four variations of an ad in the precise order you intend to tell a deeper story in logical “chapters”, even if your audience switches devices.

Rich Media –

Microsoft is able to work with a very large variety of rich media creatives. for a full spec list, check out their Ad Specs page:

  • Ad Bar
  • Skyscraper
  • Banner
  • Streaming Media
  • Textlink
  • Button
  • Mobile App Banner
  • Rectangle