Programmatic Video Buying – What You Need to Know

What is Programmatic Video Media Buying?

Programmatic Video buying is the automated buying and selling of digital video ad space on websites, mobile devices, desktops and television. Like Real Time Bidding on Display advertisements, programmatic video buying aims to automate the media buying process and provide data analytics and provide deep levels of optimization for advertisers who are looking to diversify their video budgets across multiple platforms and audiences seamlessly. These ads can come as pre-roll, which is shown before the video content, a video advertisement roadblock which interrupts a piece of content and has to be seen or skipped or even an optional viewing with a call to action.

How Can a Publisher Sell Video Ad Inventory?

Programmatic Video Buying

Currently, the programmatic video buying segment of the industry is still in a young phase and a facet of media buying that is exponentially rising. Private exchanges and companies with proprietary programmatic video technology such as audience path technology that predicts future audiences and ensures brand safety, and enables marketing professionals, advertisers and content publishers monetize their video inventory. Publishers are too engrossed in getting the highest CPM’s on their Display inventory and sometimes overlook the incremental revenue gains and the premium nature and demand for quality video inventory. Ad networks with video demand reach out to Publishers who have video inventory for sale and typically purchase this on a CPM basis.

Resources for Programmatic Video Buying

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What is the Problem with Traditional Video Media Buying?

Traditional video media buying is an inefficient, laborious and outdated form of sending a branded message to an audience. Advertisers who purchase ad space in the form of commercials are not necessarily targeting the intended audience. There is no way of measuring effectiveness until final revenue figures are calculated and ad dollars are wasted on viewers who are not paying attention or do not care about the product or service being advertised. It is hard to create a solid call to action as commercials on cable are not connected to the internet and require extra effort to share and initiate the purchasing process.

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