Twitter Acquires MoPub Mobile Exchange

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Twitter, Inc the largest micro blogging site on the planet has agreed to purchase MoPub, the “worlds largest mobile exchange and RTB server for iOs and Android devices for about $350 Million in stock. This will allow twitter to control a large market share of the ever growing mobile

Apple to Hire Creative Marketing Specialists

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Apple Will Invest Heavily In Creative Marketing Professionals Longtime follows of Apple operations say after years of limiting the the pool of talent from within Apple, the longtime technology powerhouse has plans to grow its in-house creative group. An  executive who knows the thinking of upper management of apple

Data Driven Sport of Tennis

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Tennis Meets Data Analytics The US Open this year is receiving a technological upgrade to make the event a data driven tennis event. A data and analytic control room in a secret location in Arthur Ashe Stadium in NY is a data center called the “Scoring Operations room.” Officials

AppNexus: Programmatic Ad Exchange

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What is AppNexus? AppNexus is an advertising technology company in NYC that built a platform for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell their online display inventory in real time which is known as as Real-Time Bidding.  AppNexus also provides data management, optimization tools, granular reporting for all aspects of

Evolution of Online Display Advertising

The Evolution of Online Display Advertising is too complicated to put into words. When i decide to take a look into the annals of digital marketing history, I find myself watching videos that show how different aspects of the industry have co-evolved and connected over time. The Interactive Advertising Bureau