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How to use Facebook for Digital Marketing

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How can we use Facebook to boost digital marketing efforts? Using Facebook for Digital Marketing is a great idea to drive new users to your business. Welcome to the day and age where social media platforms hold the power to influence people on a global scale. If, according to

How to Create the Ultimate Facebook Ad Template For Better Conversions

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Facebook recently reported a 28% year-on-year increase in ad revenue.  Advertisers are flocking to Facebook because the platform can deliver great results for a wide range of businesses. That said, if you don’t know how to create effective ad templates, you might struggle to achieve good results with Facebook ads. 

Status of CBD Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are today’s most used application by people of different ages. It is best to choose one of these platforms to promote your CBD product. However, CBD marketing on Facebook and other social media is not easily carried out on these platforms because of their strict

5 Principles of Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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It’s not easy to have successful facebook advertising campaigns. For many businesses, especially online retailers, Facebook ads are a highly effective and relatively cheap way to drive new sales. While Facebook campaigns might seem easy considering how lucrative they can be, it does take detailed research, a deep understanding

Epoch Times Banned From Advertising on Facebook

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A major television news network reports that the conservative Epoch Times, reputed to be the mouthpiece for president Donald Trump’s reelection in 2020, has been banned from purchasing any more advertising on Facebook. This action on the part of the social media monolith comes at a time when advertising