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Hotel revenue management strategies – how can a cloud hotel software help?

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If you’re a hotel manager, you know how difficult the job is. Having to take care of hundreds of rooms, full of disgruntled guests, all the while keeping ahead of your daily company operations. The overwhelming amount of responsibilities that a hotel manager faces can often hinder company growth

5 Reasons Why You Should Delete Social Media

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In today’s digital age, if you are on the internet there’s a good chance you are familiar with social media. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are more popular today than ever before! Seventy-two percent of Americans use some form of social media! While the popularity and convenience of

5 Types of Contracts You Should Know About

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Source: Unsplash In business, many agreements must be made, signed, and sealed legally before some form of progress can be made. Many times, legal services advise that terms and conditions of a partnership, proposal, and many other types of deals should be laid out clearly in writing.  This set

Insider Tips on How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Company

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Optimizing your online presence has never been more crucial. As more small businesses pivot to eCommerce, you need the best digital marketing company by your side. Digital marketers aren’t just responsible for crafting high-converting marketing campaigns. They also harness big data to fine-tune campaigns for best results. Digital marketing

10 Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategies for 2021

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Are you launching a new mobile app? Launching an app can be a great way to boost your brand and engage your customers. An app allows you to provide more value for your brand to your customers. However, not all businesses find success in their app launch. An app