How to Plan an Event for Your Tech Employees

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You might think that your tech employees prefer and enjoy sitting behind their desks all day, every day. However, this is not the case, and while your tech team might be passionate about what is going on on their screens, this does not mean they will not look forward to and get excited about an event planned in their honor. Here are some top tips that you can follow to plan an event for your tech staff to help them feel valued and appreciated. 

Get Them Out of the Office

You might believe that a convenient location for your event happens to be the office where you have access to all the equipment and gadgets that you need. However, your tech employees are likely to feel cooped up and less than enthusiastic about another few hours stuck at work. To make your event feel like a party, you should consider hosting your event away from the office, whether outside or in a beautiful venue that can give your employees the chance to unwind and indulge. Not only can this stop them from experiencing eye strain, but it can also allow them to refresh their ideas and inspire their work when they return to the office. 

This means you should take some time looking around for the perfect venue for you and your team members to party the night away in. For instance, you might search for local historical venues that can help your employees feel as if they are in a period drama, a far cry from their incredibly contemporary jobs. This might allow them to feel as if they are spending the evening in luxury and might help them to fully forget the stresses of work for an hour or two. Then, you should look around for small party venues that are used to hosting businesses and that have a rich and complex past. 

Give Out Awards 

Sometimes, your tech employees might feel like a forgotten component of your business, especially if they are tucked away in a corner of your office or a separate room and are only visited when a computer goes wrong. To ensure that they feel fully respected and to thank them for their hard work, you should consider giving out awards at your event. You should not only give out awards to those who have achieved the most and helped your business to excel but also to those who are completely dedicated and have grown the most as team members. This can motivate your staff to work harder in the future and can ensure that your staff members do not give up on trying their best when they are in a work environment. You should always try to make these awards as fair as possible, though. 

Ask Them What They Want 

Instead of leaping into your event planning without a second thought and planning what you believe that your employees want out of the big day, you should instead ask them what they would like to see from an event. For instance, they might like to have the opportunity to play with new gadgets or complete workshops that are centered on new technology. They might want to hear from a famous speaker or might simply want to forget tech altogether and dance until the small hours. By working out what they want and even establishing a party planner from their ranks, you will be able to stage an event that no one will be disappointed by and that everyone will look back on fondly. Planning the best event possible might even help your employees to be refreshed and perform well once they are back in the office.