Upcoming ICOs

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Upcoming ico’s are crypto projects that offer digital tokens in exchange for investment. These tokens usually have a specific use case and can be sold in the future for capital gains. They are similar to shares offered by public companies during an IPO.

eTukTuk combines green technology and economic advancement, and their $TUK token is currently in the whitelisting phase. Other upcoming ICOs include Wall Street Memes, which combines meme culture and blockchain to reshape modern finance.


A social-service program can be a valuable resource for families, helping them navigate the legal system and provide care for children. It may also be used to support family members with health issues. Social service professionals can also help clients find employment and develop skills to become independent.

ICO’s integrated individualized care and support plan (IICSP) will be developed through the assessment and person-centered planning process with enrollees and their ICT, which will include their physician, long term supports and services coordinator, and behavioral health coordinator. The ICT will then work to facilitate plan facilitation and connect with community-based supports.

A successful ICO depends on the right infrastructure and tools. You need a smart contract to handle token purchases, and you need servers to manage the website traffic and onboard users.


O-MEE is a social subscription network and NFT marketplace that promotes community interconnectivity and cryptocurrency spending. It offers the perfect balance of content entertainment, social interaction, and e-commerce.

Through API connectors, creators are able to connect mainstream social media accounts such as Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok to republish their existing artwork, videos, photography, and media content to their O-MEE profile. This allows their followers to interact with and like their content, and can even purchase exclusive NFTs.

The $OME token is a key feature of the O-MEE platform and will enable a wide range of token utility features including trading, rewards, staking, clubs, tier membership staking program, and more. It is important to keep your O-MEE tokens in a secure wallet. Cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile and can fluctuate quickly.


MetaClash is a free-to-play sci-fi vehicular combat game with immersive worldbuilding and exhilarating gameplay. Players will be able to socialize, embark on missions, and battle as their 3D PFP avatars and war vehicles in a captivating post-apoclyptic science fantasy metaverse enriched with deep lore. The game will utilize a blockchain-enabled gameplay ecosystem with role-playing narrative experiences, native $PCORE staking and governance.

PCORE tokens will serve as a key currency in the MetaClash economy. They will allow gamers to gain access to exclusive in-game rewards, including a Premium Battle Pass, a MetaClash Garage Access Pass, VIP privileges, and NFT staking. In addition, the token will enable gamers to purchase side products related to the MetaClash lore and the Genesis limited edition skin. These rewards will be available in the MetaClash Marketplace.

Republic Note

The Republic Note is a profit-sharing token that allows investors to gain returns when Republic portfolio companies make acquisitions or go public. This digital asset is set to launch on INX, a US-governed secondary trading platform for decentralized assets. This move is a testament to the growing interest in digital assets.

Republic’s platform allows users to invest in private equity markets and is backed by leading venture capital firms and angel investors. The company conducts rigorous due diligence on every project it funds, including a detailed business plan and a comprehensive risk assessment.

Republic has also hired US regulation experts to ensure compliance. The platform has several other features, including investor management, portfolio tracking, security guarantee, dividend insurance, reporting, and more. It uses Avalanche blockchain, which offers superior scalability and flexibility.

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In conclusion

The uncharted frontier of blockchain innovation awaits, and upcoming ICOs hold the potential to reshape industries. While promising, investing in these ICOs requires careful consideration and a cautious approach. CoinLaunch, with its data-driven insights, industry expertise, user-friendly interface, and time-saving features, serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking new ICO opportunities, helping them make informed investment decisions in the evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency market.