Video marketing on YouTube: how to promote business with the help of videos

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Kirill Marinin

YouTube producer, expert in video content creation and promotion

Video marketing on YouTube: how to promote business with the help of videos


The article provides an overview of video marketing strategies and methods on the popular YouTube platform, with a focus on their application for business promotion. The author discusses the key steps and recommendations needed to create effective videos, optimize content for the audience and find ways to increase visibility and viewer engagement. The material will be useful for both aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers and experienced professionals looking to improve their YouTube video marketing skills.

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 Relevance of YouTube as a video marketing platform

Video marketing has become an important promotional tool for companies and brands these days. This is due to its visual impact: videos allow you to convey information using visual and audio elements, which makes content more memorable and appealing. According to research, most internet users prefer watching videos to reading text. Video is a great way to tell a story about a brand, product or service, it creates an emotional and personal connection with the audience. Research data shows that video ads have a higher CTR (clickability) and conversion rate than other content formats. Overall, video marketing is a powerful tool to capture audience attention, increase sales and strengthen a brand.

This is confirmed by statistics:

60% of companies use video marketing as a way to engage users.

38% of marketers who use video in their strategies find creating content in this format more accessible.

69% of users say that demo videos make it easier for them to make a buying decision

74% of marketers say video has brought them a higher ROI than using static images.

70% of viewers have made a purchase after seeing a brand on YouTube.



One of the popular platforms for creating and promoting video content is YouTube. It has become the second largest search engine in the world (after Google). According to the latest Statista reports, YouTube is used by more than 2.6 billion people worldwide every month, with the number of daily active users reaching 122 million. This platform accounts for about 25% of global mobile traffic. This means that a business project can reach not only a local but also a global audience, which is especially important for companies with an international presence.



Thus, YouTube remains a relevant and powerful video marketing platform that provides companies and content creators with unique opportunities to promote their brands and ideas.

Key steps to launching video marketing on YouTube

Let’s take a closer look at utilizing YouTube’s video marketing capabilities to promote your business. This process involves several steps.

Creating quality content

Before you start promoting your business on YouTube, it is important to pay special attention to the quality of content. The videos should be well shot, clear sounding, and informative. Investing in equipment and editing can greatly improve videos.

Identifying the target audience

Before you start creating promotional materials, decide who your target audience is. What interests do your potential customers have? What do they want to see on YouTube? This will help you prepare content that will really appeal to your audience.

Keyword selection

One way to grab viewers’ attention on YouTube is to use keywords. Do your research and find keywords and phrases that are related to your niche and business. Use them in video titles, descriptions, and tags to make your videos more searchable.

Regular updates

To attract and retain your audience, it’s important to add new videos regularly. Create a schedule and follow it so viewers know when to expect a posting.

Audience Interaction

YouTube provides an opportunity to interact with viewers through feedback. Don’t forget to respond to comments and questions, this will help create a close relationship with potential customers.

Analyze Results

To understand how successful your YouTube video marketing is, use the analytical tools provided by the platform. Study statistics on views, likes, comments, and other metrics to understand which videos are most popular and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Collaborate with other channels

Consider collaborating with other YouTube channels that have an audience interested in your niche. Collaborations can attract new subscribers to your channel.

Monitor trends

Keep up with current trends and events in your niche. Creating content that is relevant and reactive to current events attracts more attention.


Challenges and obstacles of using YouTube video marketing for promotion

Video marketing on YouTube offers many opportunities, but it also comes with a number of complexities and challenges. First and foremost is the high level of competition. YouTube is saturated with video content in all areas, and the competition for viewers’ attention is high. To stand out content, it is important to create truly unique and high quality material, and this takes time and effort. Preparing a video involves planning, filming, editing, adding sound and graphics – this approach entails the need to invest in hardware, software and hiring video creation specialists. This can be challenging for small medium-sized businesses with limited budgets.

Optimizing videos for search engines presents certain challenges. However, it is important for increasing the visibility of videos and attracting an audience. Plus, YouTube changes its algorithms regularly, which can affect the visibility of content. Companies need to be prepared for the changes and adapt quickly. Don’t forget about copyright – the use of third-party music, images and videos usually requires special licenses and approvals. Violation of this requirement is fraught with serious legal problems. Finally, the human factor deserves special attention – audiences often leave negative comments, and it is important to be able to manage feedback effectively. Criticism should be seen as a challenge to reputation.

However, all these difficulties and challenges can be overcome with the right approach, strategy and patience. You should be prepared for the fact that YouTube video marketing is a long-term investment that can yield significant results, but not immediately. Don’t expect instant results, but keep working on improving your content and engaging your target audience.

Using these tips, you can effectively promote your business with YouTube videos. Don’t be afraid to experiment, learn and evolve, and all your efforts will be rewarded with increased views and successful business promotion.


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