The Revolution of Generative AI From the Agency Perspective

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Generative AI has recently emerged as a revolutionary technology, with the advent of platforms such as ChatGPT. Its potential to reshape many industries extends to marketing as well. With the ability to craft content encompassing text, images, and videos, experts are predicting that AI will enhance productivity and streamline operations for marketing firms. That’s why Nova put together the following eBook on the agency peer reviews about generative AI.

It is foreseen that the growing influence of AI will shift human employees’ roles into a more creative direction. Machines will handle all of the mundane tasks that can be easily automated, such as writing captions for social media or creating email campaigns. It will also be able to produce the basic frameworks for the marketing strategies, while humans will fully flesh out these concepts with their unique creative flair. AI might struggle to grasp the nuanced vision for brands, so human reviewers will play an indispensable role. 

Due to these shifting roles within marketing organizations, marketing firms may seek out different skills sets for future employees. At the top of the list, there will be a demand for people with experience working with generative AI. Certain roles may fade into obsolescence altogether, such as copywriters and virtual assistants. As the marketing industry adapts to the advent of this technology, employees are warned that there might be some major changes in store.