Shaping Tomorrow:  The Unstoppable Surge of Mobile DevOps Engineering

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The rise of the ‘DevOps Engineer’ as 2021’s hottest job bears testament to the rapid evolution of Mobile DevOps.  The $7 billion market of 2021 is projected to rocket to an astounding $51 billion by 2030.  This growth trend signals a mounting demand for Mobile DevOps engineers, as evidenced by the 11% upsurge in new app downloads, the 14% increase in mobile ad spend, and the 3% leap in in-app hours in 2022.

With such developments, businesses seek to trim build, test, and release times, thereby necessitating Mobile DevOps engineers for faster deployment.  Given the mobile-centric economy, with 33% of American retailers and 55% of Millennial-owned businesses owning apps, the demand for these professionals is undeniable.  Concurrently, consumer expectations for flawless app performance have spiked, with 60% of users ready to discard an app after one performance glitch.

In this landscape, 57% of developers claim to release code twice as fast, although 80% note automation deficiency as a potential hindrance.  The risk of cyberattacks on approximately 81% of mobile apps accelerates the growth of the DevSecOps market and the need for DevOps tools, particularly CI/CD.  A staggering 49% of companies affirm that Mobile DevOps significantly slashed their time-to-market, with 61% witnessing an enhancement in the quality of their deliverables.

With tools like Bitrise, used by over half of all mobile unicorn startups, Mobile DevOps is not just a trend, but the future.  As the domain evolves, it promises an expansion of job opportunities, a surge in demand, and an elevation in the quality of deliverables for mobile DevOps engineers.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
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