Improving Business Value and Security with Cloud Monitoring

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Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, enabling them to store sensitive data, workloads, and applications remotely.  However, cloud infrastructure comes with its own unique set of security risks and challenges, which can lead to significant visibility gaps in network monitoring.  This is where cloud monitoring comes in.

Cloud monitoring with IT consulting provides end-to-end visibility across an organization’s entire network, from on-premises to cloud, reducing security risks, lowering the mean time to resolution, and increasing business value.  With 94% of enterprises utilizing the cloud in some capacity and with 48% storing their most sensitive data on the cloud, it is vital that businesses have proper cloud monitoring solutions in place.

Despite the dominance of market leaders like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, many organizations report widening visibility gaps in their cloud infrastructure and a lack of visibility across cloud operations.  This is due to limited visibility of what is happening on cloud-based platforms and most monitoring tools focusing on one specific surface.  In addition, basic monitoring tools often cannot handle the complexities of modern cloud architectures, making it difficult to get a holistic picture of the network.  This leads to limited functionality, including poor support for remote workers, poor migration support, tech stack inflation, and limited cost of consumption visibility.

To overcome these challenges, organizations need advanced cloud monitoring solutions that provide end-to-end visibility across their entire connected network.  This not only reduces security risks but also increases business value, with 99% of decision-makers seeing a direct link between cloud visibility and business value.  In conclusion, with 80% of organizations looking to increase their investment in cloud monitoring and cloud visibility, it is clear that this technology is an essential part of any modern business infrastructure.  By utilizing the right cloud monitoring solution, businesses can improve security, reduce network troubleshooting times, and ultimately increase business value.

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