Why Gen Z is Struggling to be Hired

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Gen Z, more than any generation of the past, is struggling to integrate into workplaces. While Gen Z is looking to be the most educated generation, they’re also the least liked by employers. Managing Gen Z is a continuous struggle for employers and hiring managers alike. This is due to a few key reasons. 

First, Gen Z is a generation built on the years of COVID. Many members of Gen Z who had just entered the workforce were instantly laid off. In fact Gen Z saw a 79% greater increase in layoffs than other generations. This affects countless members of Gen Z to this day, both in jading them and reducing their experience working. 

Second, there’s a lot of friction between past and previous generations. Media has sensationalized the argument on both sides of the equation. Gen Z are angry at the world they’ve been given and made to work with. Older generations are angry that Gen Z isn’t appreciative and doesn’t have the work ethic. This makes it hard for Gen Z to integrate with older workplaces.

Third and finally, members of Gen Z tend to have somewhat unclear career expectations. Members of Gen Z quit often, quickly, and bounce back to a new job elsewhere. It’s no longer uncommon for someone to shift careers in even a year or less. This is bad for everyone involved as employees fail to find stability and employers fail to find steady workers. 

These three factors are the primary causes of Gen Z’s struggles. None of them are insurmountable in any sense, but they’re still impactful. Moving forward the responsibility is on all generations to integrate Gen Z into the workplace. Soon enough they’ll be the most prominent demographic for all industries, for better or worse.

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