Pros and Cons of Web Scraping, Exemplified by Services

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AMR analysts note today’s intensive development of the world’s data extraction industry. The specialists claim the specified market is going to rise by almost 12% annually by at least 2027. Experts explain such extensive growth because of the numerous benefits of web scraping usage. That’s especially true for businesses. Entrepreneurs may essentially increase their incomes by implementing data collecting into their workflows.

However, there are also people who find flaws in online information mining. Therefore, experts decided to compare the key data extraction pros and cons to help business holders decide if it’s worth investing in web scraping. They took the services at as an example, as this platform is highly praised by its clients. So, let’s consider the comparison in more detail.

Main Advantages of Web Scraping Services From

Primarily, the high speed of data scanning by bots should be noted. Let’s say you have an e-store and check competitors’ prices on the same goods your platform sells once a week. For instance, tracking the pricing of 1,000 items is necessary. It may take several days to process such a huge amount of information manually. On the other hand, data extraction apps are able to gain and structure the same data volume in only a few minutes.

Cost-Effectiveness of Web Scraping Robots                         

Prices of tariff plans for such bots’ maintenance usually start at about $90/month. And how much do you pay to live analysts? By the way, specialists can create web scraping applications that will be able to replace even an entire team of real-life employees.

Reliability of Online Info-Collecting Apps

Live specialists may effectively analyze information for about eight hours per day. And the productivity of real-life employees’ work depends on their moods, wellness, fatigue, and many more factors. Bots, in turn, have the following advantages compared with live specialists:

  • ability to mine and process data 24/7 without efficiency reduction;
  • absence of risks of making mistakes (software always operates according to its settings);
  • possibility to simply implement new functions (live employees need to pass some training to perform unfamiliar operations).

Additionally, data mining software made by Nannostomus can be easily reset to a different configuration. So, you may use it in various corporate projects.

Cons of Online Information Extraction Services From

As was mentioned above, web scraping bots should be customized. This implies machine learning. However, you don’t need specific knowledge to set up a data mining application. The customization process is no more complex than car maintenance, though. It may be more or less complicated, but it’s still quite plain to acquire for everyone.

Also, web scraping robots may be blocked by certain separate online sources or even all sites of particular regions. You, however, may employ proxy servers to solve such problems. Moreover, as online info collecting is becoming increasingly widespread worldwide, fewer websites consider scrapers suspicious or harmful.


Qualitative data extraction applications, like bots made by, offer their users numerous advantages. This includes enhanced info processing, the possibility to collect information round-the-clock, cost-effectiveness, etc. Also, the described applications have some cons. You may easily eliminate such disadvantages, though. So, web scraping robots are definitely worth using them.