Top Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging in 2023

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While blogging has been here for a long time now, the growing social media influencer trend indicates that blogging has hit an all-time peak. The pandemic was one of the primary factors that compelled people to start blogs and kill time when they had nothing to do at home. It seemed like almost everyone jumped on the bandwagon to create a blog in some form or another.

So, are you thinking about starting one?

Whether you are a traveler, avid reader, fashionista, or cooking expert, there is no limitation to the niche to make a blog about. Seeing lots of bloggers doing well is inspirational, but you may also be doubtful about being able to make a place in the crowded field of influencers. Well, you are you and no one can stop you from excelling if you have the potential to engage online users. Also, it is never too late; so, start right now to reap the fruit later. 

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In this article, we have brought you solid reasons as to why you need to become a blogger.  

  1. Brush Up On a Skill 

Blogging is not just about posting pictures and videos, it is about planning and implementing a strategy that helps you drive more engagement in your content. Moreover, you have to put down your thoughts and ideas more comprehensively. As a result, you are able to improve many of your skills, including social media marketing, email marketing, graphic designing, photography, and writing. 

Of all, it helps you improve your communication skills and become a good communicator. It is said that skills are developed when you beat on your craft for hours and hours. And blogging gives you the opportunity to spend hours and hours building your blogs and resonating with consumers’ opinions. In this way, you become a better communicator. 

  1. Inspire People

Those who reach a certain position after going through hardships can put their story out there to inspire others who give up on chasing dreams. You can create content that inspires people, motivates and mobilizes them to take meaningful action to bring positivity within themselves and around them. Even if you haven’t achieved your dreams yet, you can talk about optimism which will reciprocate in your personality. 

  1. Build a Business

Blogging has opened up new opportunities; especially, it provides a great platform to start an online business from scratch. Once you gain authority among your followers through your content, you will become recognizable and an esteemed person who they would rely on. 

As a result, you can leverage their trust to build your brand and make the most of your blog.  With a community already there to take your advice on products and services and an established platform, you can market yourself most accurately.

  1. To generate Income

While other reasons are there, this reason is probably why should exactly start blogging. People indeed earn from their blogs, so you can as well. 

But to convert your blog into an earning resource requires you to build an audience targeting the people who are most likely to hire your service. While there are niches where you can earn easily, there is always a way to make money through your blog. You can monetize your blog and place ads as well as you can post sponsored content of other brands that are highly lucrative. 

  1. Take a Break from life

People also start blogging to unwind and jot down their opinions, personal experience, and anything to pour down their emotions. This provides them an escape from the outside world and a break from their personal and professional problems. 

  1. Meet New People

When blogging, you talk to an audience, which could be five people, 50, 500, 5000, or five million. With time, your audience grows, and you build a community that becomes your new family. These people comment on your blog posts and engage with your content building a relationship. In this way, you keep getting to interact with new people, of any age, gender, and nationality. 

  1. Document Your Life

Gone are the days when you would write a journal to document your life. Now, you can write a blog to share your life and keep your memories saved forever. You can write about everyday happenings to reflect on after some years. 


Starting a blog may have its pitfalls but majorly it has many pros. You will be having fun writing articles and on the flip side, you will reap the monetary benefits.