Effective Strategies That Will Help You Back Up Your Data Properly

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Even though businesses face most of the cyberattacks that happen globally every day, data backup is not just for businesses. Individuals who work on important projects and who routinely handle important documents should make a habit of backing up their data. Doing so ensures that you have at least one copy of all your data in case something happens to your primary storage devices. This article discusses some strategies anyone can use to ensure they back up their data properly.

Back-Up on an External Hard Drive

Backing up on an external hard drive is very easy as all you need to do is buy a hard drive and set your computer to back up all your data at a specific time. For the best experience, it is better to buy a solid-state drive because it is much faster than a hard disk drive. A few years ago, HDDs had an advantage because they were cheaper for each unit of data stored, but SSDs have caught up in recent years, with their speeds giving them an edge.

For the software, you can use the software that comes with your operating system or use a third-party backup solution. Manual copies are still an option, but they are not a good idea because of how much time they take.

Use Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an excellent backup option because it is off-site. Also, cloud storage services can handle all types of files at all sizes so it is easy to find a service provider that works for you. You can use cloud storage as a primary or secondary backup, but many people choose to use it as a secondary backup due to it being an off-site option.

Storage space and encryption are critical considerations when considering different cloud storage solutions. You want to ensure that you have enough space for backing up everything you would like to and that the data is secure as it is being transported to the cloud and is safe once stored.

In a business, cloud storage comes with additional capabilities, such as the ability to collaborate on different files and version control so you always know who worked on what. The cost of setting everything up will depend on how much help you need from an outside contractor, but you can always contact IT support service providers for a quote.

Invest in Tape and Optical Media

Although they seem outdated, magnetic tapes and optical media are excellent backup solutions. Their main advantage is their data density where you can store a lot of data in a small space. They also do not require power to stay running all the time, and they are much cheaper than options like hard drives and online backups.

The main problem with magnetic tapes and optical media is they are slow. You also need tape and optical readers to read data from them.


These three viable data backup options should give you peace of mind in knowing your data is safe. You will have three types of backups on three different mediums and in two or more locations. This solution works for both individuals and businesses.