Israel’s Globalized Tech Industry

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Many modern nations are taking clear action towards development, but few are as effective as Israel. There are a few reasons behind this success, but the most prominent is how effectively Israel is connected to the world. Large companies host research and development centers in Israel, venture capitalists are heavily invested, and startups are rampant.

Israel, first and foremost, accepts their role on the global stage. The U.S has a strong relationship with Israel, an idea enforced by the U.S venture capitalist firms in the U.S. Israeli companies also commonly sell to the U.S, some Israeli founders even relocating to the U.S. This comes as a direct consequence of Israelis limited size. While other nations can rely on local commerce, Israel has been forced to operate on a global level to thrive.

In practice, this has made Israel into the third ranked nation in the world for AI startups. On top of this, Israel is ranked second globally for research and development (per capita). There is no shortage of money coming into Israel as in 2022 alone Israeli tech companies raised nearly 15 billion. This is a big sum of money, and a sum that has been rising year after year in Israel. 
Ultimately Israel’s government has put effort into this direction for the nation. There are dozens of tax and incentives for those investing in Israel. Any investment in Israeli startups is matched by the government. Intellectual property created or moved to Israel has similar benefits and tax incentives. The government wants investment and is creating a nation that is ripe for it. This is why Israel has become a technology globalized powerhouse.

How Israel Has Emerged on the Tech Scene