Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft 365 Nonprofit

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Millions of companies, both large and small, use Microsoft 365, one of the top business software suites in the world.

Along with communication platforms like Teams and products for business contexts like hosted Exchange Server and SharePoint, it offers well-known cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Many employees worldwide are already familiar with some of the Microsoft 365 products because Excel and Word from the Microsoft Office PC suite are the de facto industry standards.

Microsoft 365 for charities is offered as a tier-based subscription service to a wide range of enterprises; you pay for the capabilities you use and can scale up or down in accordance with your organization’s needs.

Business solutions cost as little as £3.80 per user per month and as much as £48.10 for the all-inclusive package.

Microsoft does, however, provide its Microsoft 365 Commercial Premium solution free of charge (or at a substantial discount) to qualified charitable, community, and not-for-profit organizations and offers its other business and corporate solutions at a large discount.

It implies that non-profit organizations can use Microsoft 365’s services and technology for free or at very little expense.

You must have your first 300 users licensed under the Business Premium plan if your company intends to use Microsoft 365. There is no other M365 license that can match its top-notch cybersecurity features in terms of savings and peace of mind.

The current surge in remote labor has left various cybersecurity gaps in organizations. Despite this, it is not anticipated that the trend of remote work will abate very soon.

You must now strengthen the security for each remote employee rather than merely protecting the perimeters of your locations. not only their endpoint, but also the user’s other devices, themselves, and the data kept on each of them.

The closest you can get to the data, the more effective the protection. That necessitates having a strong application layer defense, starting with your cloud.

Your most utilized technology is probably your cloud and its features. It should be the most safeguarded, it goes without saying.

We’ll go over the reasons why Microsoft’s Business Premium has emerged as its best value product below. Schedule a call with us right now if you already wish to upgrade to Business Premium.