The Reason Caffeine Isn’t Helping You Focus

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Did you know the average American consumes 85 liters of caffeinated drinks per year? Many consumers turn to caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, or energy drinks to give them some extra energy and help increase their productivity and focus during the day. However, while caffeine can help wake you up, it does not actually help increase focus and can have adverse effects on consumers.

10% of people metabolize caffeine too quickly to see any reported benefits. With this tolerance, many people can experience withdrawal symptoms that can actually contribute to decreased focus. Caffeine can also alter your sleep schedule and increase fatigue during the day once the effects eventually wear off. Prolonged unhealthy intake can also lead to digestion issues, poor heart health, and even a higher risk for dementia. 

To still get that boost of energy while also increasing focus, many consumers are turning to natural ingredients that work with their natural biological clock. Certain herbs, vitamins, and amino acids are known as nootropics which work with the brain to improve cognitive function. Using natural nootropics rather than caffeine will help avoid any negative health risks while still helping to keep you focused and energized during your day.
To learn more about nootropics and how to stay focused during the day using natural ingredients, take a look at the infographic below:

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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