How to Choose a Business Class Printer

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For small businesses, print is still alive and well when conducting operations. Across the globe, 8 out of 10 small businesses still rely on printers to perform daily operations. Moreover, when factoring all sizes of business 50% say that they cannot operate without a printer., Fortunately, our current technology has reduced the amount of paper needed to perform everyday operations. That being said, since printers are still in use it’s important to purchase a printer that will be able to meet business goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Unfortunately, many hastily purchase consumer-grade printers and overwork them, instead of buying a business class printer they need. This raises the question when shopping for the right printer: Ink or Laser. 

Ink printers are usually cheaper than laser printers because most of the money spent will be on reusing ink cartridges. On average, ink printers use $12,000+ per gallon of ink. 25 to 50% of the ink will already be used for cleaning and maintenance. Even when you opt to include a color option, many printers will not print in black when the color cartridges are low. Alternatively, laser printers use only $0.07 for ink and $0.05 for toner. While more expensive, the laser more than makes up for it by having a printer speed that is 2-3x faster than ink printers and it doesn’t smudge. Modern business owners are looking to replace dated legacy printers with solutions for the future. They want their printers to be all-in-one technology partners that can perform tasks other than printing.

Read on to the infographic below, courtesy of Lexmark GO Line:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought