Are Hybrid and Virtual Events Growing in Popularity?

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Over the past few years, the world has experienced a shift in terms of digital engagement with more communication being done through email and video conferencing. This shift has also affected travel with more people looking to not return to the road, resulting in a continuing drop in hotel room revenue from business travel. More people are planning to hold virtual and hybrid events as well as 72% of professionals plan to attend virtual events at least as often as they attended physical events before COVID-19. 

Digital platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have seen a significant increase in users and participants in the past few years, although continuous online interactions can result in frustrating issues such as technological problems, struggles with communication, and loss of productivity. Seeing yourself on screen everyday during video calls can also be draining as it opens more opportunities for self-criticism. But even with all the challenges that come with interacting online, the majority of people prefer attending virtual events. 

Businesses are encouraged to incorporate the benefits of virtual meetings with the latest technology trends to create more exciting events that save time and money while also increasing employee interactions. Hybrid events are a great way to create a great experience for people both virtually and physically. They usually have a main event for a limited number of attendees that is either virtual or physical and a virtual component that offers educational content online so everyone can watch. Gamifying an event can further improve outcomes and retention while adding a metaverse component can make advanced learning and online experiences more immersive and interactive. 

People and businesses who are planning events can now improve the overall experience through hybrid and virtual events that minimize distractions and create more ways for participants to attend events, discuss topics, and expand their network.

The power of virtual events