How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software

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Managing multiple projects can feel like juggling a few balls about to hit the ground. To keep all the balls in the waterfall, it is necessary to see the big picture, encompassing several interdependent initiatives, and at the same time manage the work on an individual project. Project management helps increase synchronization and clarity for the entire team, as well as reduce the stress associated with managing multiple projects at once. However, if the projects you will manage cover each other, there is a more reliable way – program management.

Program management is the simultaneous management of several interrelated projects. In your role as Program Leader, you will be involved in the development of the program’s resource management plan and lead the associated projects within the program to bring them to success. Program managers also link project objectives to larger business goals.

A project is a set of tasks aimed at achieving a specific goal. Project management is the process of planning, managing and executing work within a team. Project management software helps project teams do all this by improving clarity and teamwork.

Program management and project portfolio management are similar in many ways. The difference lies only in the types of projects under management. All projects within a program are interconnected and often interdependent.

When done right, program management helps to prioritize and manage bypass initiatives. In the infographic below, we take a look at how successful teams use project management software.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike task and project management software

How Successful Teams Use Project Management Software